Google Pixel 2 Impressions!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 4, 2017
  • Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have arrived. Is it for you?Pixel 2: 5 Android O Features: Gear I use: Track: Disarm by Alltta~


  • Stefano Salvati
    Stefano Salvati  a years ago +422

    2016: we’re not like Apple, we still have the headphone jack
    2017: Aaaand we removed it

  • issaciams
    issaciams  a years ago +366

    Why is dropping the headphone jack becoming a mainstream thing!?! Most people are still using wired headphones. I just don't get it.

  • Sami Al-Asady
    Sami Al-Asady  a years ago +216

    So...the squeeze is a gimmick on the HTC U11 but a nice feature on the google pixel?

  • Richard Vo
    Richard Vo  a years ago +136

    I laughed far too hard when Marque said "this pale blue colour is literally called kind of blue" "definitely the more accurate product colour names in awhile"

  • Tom Ripley
    Tom Ripley  a years ago +69

    Since when did bezels become the bastard at a family reunion? The Samsung Edge drove me crazy touching stuff I didn't mean to touch.

  • Reiq Qu
    Reiq Qu  a years ago +1004

    Everyone will miss you

  • Joe Halford
    Joe Halford  a years ago +151

    People say they want thinner phones so no headphone jack and then put a fat protective case on it? Someone explain

  • TechZACH16
    TechZACH16  a years ago +27

    Personally, I think too many people are making a big deal about the design. I'm a more practical guy, so here are some things I care about
    1. Stereo speakers, I will use these daily, thin bezels be damned
    2. The placement of the fingerprint sensor isn't stupid
    3. Stock android, which isn't unusably bloated
    4. AI like crazy and Google now improvements, seems like they're focusing on user experience not a spec sheet circle jerk

  • Nikolai Schauer
    Nikolai Schauer  a years ago +20

    I dont get it. Why is everyone for bezel-les phones? Especially the side bezels are really usefull to hold your phone without touching the display by accident

  • Bob Coco
    Bob Coco  a years ago +4

    - What's the color of your phone ?
    - Huh, don't you see it ? Kinda blue.
    - huh !

  • darthmon26
    darthmon26  a years ago +400


  • FaceySmile
    FaceySmile  a years ago +8

    Can people stop whinging about bezels? They're small enough! They make basically no difference to the phone!

  • Goober and Buddy
    Goober and Buddy  a years ago +337

    Definitely a WAT device. Some stuff is "ooo, ahh" other stuff is "eww, aww".

  • Ruthvik S S
    Ruthvik S S  a years ago +1

    People Do You See
    (Average Consumer) &
    {Karl Konrad} in
    This Video ?

  • Hector Andem
    Hector Andem  a years ago +1

    -Not bezelless
    -No headphone jack
    -No microSD card slot
    For that price, I'll pass.

  • Dallasmed65
    Dallasmed65  a years ago +455

    That's crazy. A couple years ago we would have praised this phone for having an almost full front display. Now just by seeing a few, if any bezel is a hair smaller, it's worse.

  • gallien
    gallien  a years ago +173

    No headphone jack = no deal.

  • Ilkhom Toktiev
    Ilkhom Toktiev  a years ago +1

    No headphone jack???? 🤦‍♂️ Google! you were laughing last year about 'jackless' iPhone 7!! what happened???

  • Talbot690
    Talbot690  a years ago +71

    No headphone jack = no buy.

  • Sebastian Rosenbach
    Sebastian Rosenbach  a years ago +3

    Noooo You cant tease me with that unreleased AllttA track. I hate you! (I still love you)