4th Dimension sings “Stay With Me” at Theater Round | Idol Philippines 2019

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 9, 2019
  • Lucas Garcia, Japjap Talania ,Kevin Hermogenes, and Ali Aguila stun the Judges with "Stay With Me" cover.Subscribe to Search for the Idol Philippines YouTube channel:http://bit.ly/IdolPhilippinesWatch the full episodes of Idol Philippines on TFC.TV:http://bit.ly/IdolPhilippines-TFCTVand on iWant for Philippine viewers:http://bit.ly/IdolPhilippines-iWantFollow our social media accounts!Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IdolPhilippinesTwitter: https://twitter.com/IdolPhilippinesInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/idolphilipp...#IdolPhilippines#TheaterRounds#IdolCity


  • I agree with you
    I agree with you  2 months ago +263

    Bakit lalaking lalaki si Lucas pag kumanta? Nakakainis lng kasi napapaasa ako ulit hahaha 😅

  • Rone YT
    Rone YT  2 months ago +206

    Magaling talaga sina kevin and lucas but si japjap ay ok din appreciate nyo ba yung parang round kulot nya ang hirap kaya nun kaya like nyo toh para mabigyan sya wildvcard

  • Beatriz Camille Ingusan
    Beatriz Camille Ingusan  2 months ago +199

    Unfair.... Japjap also deserves a spot. Wildcard pleassssseee also my heart breaks for juancho 😥

  • queeddity
    queeddity  2 months ago +167

    I feel bad that some members from other weak group gets in, when Japjap didn't.

  • Japjap Talania
    Japjap Talania  2 months ago +1386

    THANK YOU SO MUCH IDOL PHILIPPINES! Thank you guys ❤️🤟🎶😍😍😍

  • Arlyn Balmaceda
    Arlyn Balmaceda  2 months ago +148

    I'm already rooting for Lucas! So amazing. Pero I think may laban din si Japjap

  • Gogogog Gogoggo
    Gogogog Gogoggo  2 months ago +58


    GELSHA VLOG  2 months ago +140

    Galing ni Lucas! Hahaha. Great voice! raise our flag #LGBTFam

  • Princess Ferolino
    Princess Ferolino  2 months ago +89

    LUCAS and KEVIN is the best! 😍💪 I'm rooting for you guys to be in the finals. Goodluck! ❤☝

  • Jalyn Mae Salazar
    Jalyn Mae Salazar  2 months ago +1968

    These 4th dimension is better than boyband ph.. - just sayin'... Actually YES!but this is a contest....

  • Rodney Liwanag
    Rodney Liwanag  2 months ago +93

    Boyband Ph left the conversation HAHAHAHA. Kudos 4th Dimension <3

  • MichelleM
    MichelleM  2 months ago +95

    Love Kevin and Lucas!! Their voices give me chills, so impressive ♥️😊

  • Silent Xtreme
    Silent Xtreme  2 months ago +11

    Nanlamon yung dalawa eh. Technically ang galing ni lucas may chest voice, head tone, falsetto, may pa growl pa. Pero yung dalawang di pumasok di talaga umangat.

  • Ria Ashryver
    Ria Ashryver  2 months ago +42

    Sayang si ali at japjap. Why didn't they keep all four? Huhuhuhu

  • jhomel serrano
    jhomel serrano  2 months ago +955

    Boy band Ph left the group hahaha

  • Onii- chan
    Onii- chan  2 months ago +36

    Sa totoo lang si Lucas talaga pinaka angat sa grupo nila. Pero kung ako tatanungin dapat sila lahat pasok eh.... Hayzzz feels bad man🙀

  • Michael Marsh
    Michael Marsh  2 months ago +35

    Lucas gives me goosebumps when he sings. It’s so amazing I love it

  • Joan Canada
    Joan Canada  1 months ago +10

    Lucas lucas I'm so happy for you my idol

  • Hendra Saputra
    Hendra Saputra  2 months ago +29

    wow.. their falsetto is so d*mn good.... love from Indonesia...

  • NearL Blank
    NearL Blank  2 months ago +285

    Mas may future pato kesa sa boy band PH
    Like nyu kung agree kayo