AirPods 2 & 3 Leak! Release Date, Rumors & Concept!



  • Ug Ak
    Ug Ak  2 hours ago

    too much hot air

  • thatprimarykid
    thatprimarykid  2 hours ago

    I hope we don’t get brain cancer though

  • Noah Campbell
    Noah Campbell  4 hours ago

    There needs to be some way to turn the volume up and down and answer calls as well

  • Taehyun Hong
    Taehyun Hong  4 hours ago

    Do u think the airpods 2 will be able to work well with iPhone 7?

  • hotcheetodream
    hotcheetodream  5 hours ago

    Shitttt idk I might wait for the 2nd AirPods ONLY if they release it on Christmas or buy the 1st ones

  • Assasin 106208
    Assasin 106208  5 hours ago +1

    Real question : how much they cost 😂

  • Cole Davis
    Cole Davis  5 hours ago

    4 fuckin ads what a legend

  • Haruchio Pagani
    Haruchio Pagani  6 hours ago

    1:30 It's not the price. It's mainly the fit/comfort and the design. They are some of the most uncomfortable to wear, loosely fitted and ugliest earbuds (personal opinion) that I've ever used. It looks hideous on people. Price is not a problem as long as those boxes are ticked. Otherwise products like Sennheiser Momentum TW wouldn't exist

  • Thomas Troutman Jr

    They don’t buy them bc they don’t stay in everyone’s ears

  • Ellery Burgess
    Ellery Burgess  7 hours ago

    I totally agree, I’m more hyped about AirPods than a new iPhone

  • ralph kenneth Antigo

    Your the best

  • YeeHaw
    YeeHaw  7 hours ago

    Really hope AirPods 2 come out so i can get them from Christmas deals, the Black looks very slick

  • MinorJamz
    MinorJamz  7 hours ago

    them greens are calling me

  • Seem U
    Seem U  8 hours ago

    I need waterproof for swimming

    APS APS  9 hours ago


  • John Benjamin
    John Benjamin  9 hours ago

    Apple makes everyone believe they are the tech-markets visionaries, while in truth they hardly ever have invented something themselves.

  • Alec Toole
    Alec Toole  10 hours ago

    Bought yesterday the one’s 🙄

  • Sander Evers
    Sander Evers  10 hours ago

    I feel like this video could be at least 10 minutes shorter..

  • Emma Taveras
    Emma Taveras  10 hours ago

    I hope they release it before March 2019 cuz I really want to get Airpods for my birthday :)