Trump Hysterically Denies UN Report That Border Is Appalling

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 8, 2019
  • Donald Trump is desperate to make his horrific border situation seem normal. Sam Seder and the Majority Report crew discuss this.We need your help to keep providing free videos! Support the Majority Report's video content by going to the Majority Report live M–F at 12 p.m. EST at or listen via daily podcast at http://Majority.FMDownload our FREE app: http://majorityapp.comSUPPORT the show by becoming a member: http://jointhemajorityreport.comLIKE us on Facebook: us on Twitter: to us on YouTube:


    DISCO-INFERNO-70  1 months ago +297

    Trump is bad breath in human form.

  • Fat Cat
    Fat Cat  1 months ago +248

    This is the same man who denies ever meeting a person when there is photographic evidence of him meeting said person . He is a pathological liar .

  • geared4 the truth
    geared4 the truth  1 months ago +87

    Yes, there is a fascist movement taking place in the United States of America, one day they will ask, which side were you on?

  • Wonder Mama
    Wonder Mama  1 months ago +58

    I've developed a sever case of PTSD (President Trump Stress Disorder).

  • Billy Ouka
    Billy Ouka  1 months ago +148

    Child abuse, what mental scars are they leaving on these poor kids?

  • Alt-Wrong
    Alt-Wrong  1 months ago +98

    You can see the frustration in that rat fuck's face when the reporters don't just accept what he's saying. He expects everyone to take his word I questionably at all times

  • Cecelia Wight
    Cecelia Wight  1 months ago +58

    Cruelty is the point of this administration.

  • elsa Grace
    elsa Grace  1 months ago +140

    Isn’t this immigrant backlog because Trump refuses to process them in a timely manner?

  • Kit Cumbie
    Kit Cumbie  1 months ago +154

    The day Trump dies I'm throwing a big party and celebrating year after year.

  • Bryan Conner
    Bryan Conner  1 months ago +50

    How does this treatment of children fit into the Pro-Life conservative's view of "protecting" children? Are only unborn children valuable enough to warrant humane treatment?

  • Lula Earle
    Lula Earle  1 months ago +18


  • D Quinn
    D Quinn  1 months ago +10

    Justifying concentration camps by saying they're "clean and run beautifully" while lying to the American people about how well the country is doing... this is what laying the groundwork for fascism looks like.

  • Hammer
    Hammer  1 months ago +37

    Trump, "We have the best concentration camps."

  • Dark Dan
    Dark Dan  1 months ago +55

    When will the UN hold the trump administration liable for human rights violations under international law?

  • Coco Crisp
    Coco Crisp  1 months ago +27

    Trump is the Grand Wizard of the Republikkklan party and fully installed by Russia in my white house.

  • Sean King
    Sean King  1 months ago +11

    Many conservatives will try to disavow this and Trump in a few years and we can't let them. They're horrible human beings and should be held accountable, one way or another.

  • Alexei Lazrov
    Alexei Lazrov  1 months ago +40

    Tells you something when he says ICE isn't supposed to be humanitarian.

  • margaret Bonnett
    margaret Bonnett  1 months ago +21

    Thank you Mr trump. Now I know what the Germans must have felt during the holocaust as they figured out what the Nazis were really doing. Feels bad. Feels really bad. Yet it goes on and on.

  • Bruce Launey
    Bruce Launey  1 months ago +58

    What percentage of the time that Trump deigns to answer questions from the media is there the high-pitched whir of Marine One in the background? He's such a coward. He can't face the press without the easy out of a waiting helicopter and plausible deniability of not hearing a question he doesn't want to answer.

  • Ian McGarrett
    Ian McGarrett  1 months ago +45

    The administration will shuffle the refugees around from facility to facility to diminish the appearance of dehumanizing conditions till it becomes mountingly inconvenient and then you will have mass graves.This ends no other way.