Antonio Brown to meet with the NFL about returning to football | First Take

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 11, 2019
  • Josina Anderson joins Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman on First Take to give updates on Antonio Brown's efforts to return to the NFL.
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  • Bill
    Bill  7 days ago

    I can see Brown at an NFL stadium...selling hot dogs

  • Ghost Dog
    Ghost Dog  7 days ago

    Ain’t saying sh** till I cash dat check.!

  • Gamerrulejr
    Gamerrulejr  14 days ago

    CTE from that hit back then

  • William Witt
    William Witt  14 days ago

    I'm sure AB has a mixture of emotions after being sent to the sidelines by the Patriots. Occasionally, he gives way to frustration about not being able to play. People are expecting him to always act rationally and just keep quiet, but frustration is an irrationality that occurs when a person is overwhelmed by emotion. When an SI "reporter" who would be more at home with the Star or the National Inquirer wrote a hit piece about AB in which he included a woman's allegations that involved no sexual aggression but a suggestion of inappropriateness, he grew frustrated and tried to offer evidence as to why she made these accusations to his lawyer and other investigators while expressing sorrow to the woman that she would tarnish her character by making unsubstantiated claims that could ruin his career. That was done out of frustration. There was no threat to the woman. The picture of the woman's children - a woman who denied any desire to financially better herself though her lawyer called her a "starving artist"- was to supply a motive to the lawyer and his investigators, not to intimidate her. Was that a rational decision to so act just after he signed with the Patriots ? No, but Brown was overwhelmed by emotion after being the victim of what he says is a made up accusation in what constitutes a second he said/she said affair directed his way and was looking for a way to defend himself. It was a common emotional reaction of people frustrated by what they feel are injustices from which they have no way to defend themselves. Acting out of frustration in their own defense may not always be the rational thing to do. Lawyers often have to restrain clients who are frustrated and want to get on the stand to defend themselves as it's often not the rational course of action and thus not in their best interest. Brown had tweeted about the injustice of the Patriots owner escaping charges of misconduct where there were tapes of his behavior in a massage parlor while he was fired because of what he contested were mere allegations with no supporting evidence. That he did so was born out of frustration and a sense of injustice. Was it the rational thing to do ? No, not in the light of who Kraft is and the power he had over Brown's tenure with the Patriots. In this day and age when media-fueled pressures from feminism and political correctness has led to the kind of vindictiveness that does not satisfy itself with settling these matters in courts of law, but feels it should have the right to ruin a man's career over allegations of misconduct that did not occur in the workplace, on the job, or were in any way work-related, society has allowed itself to become emasculated and feminized by those who think matriarchy will produce a culture far superior to Western patriarchy though they have no historical track record on which to base their case. Men like Ray Rice and Antonio Brown are just a couple of those victimized by this mindset who stand out because of their celebrity status as professional athletes caught in the media spotlight - a media today that has become overly fascinated to its detriment with anything salacious.

  • South Philly 215
    South Philly 215  14 days ago

    Kapernick and Brown can play catch together

  • T Mo
    T Mo  14 days ago

    A Brutha being treated UNFAIRLY based on accusations with no proof ???

  • Nick Joice
    Nick Joice  14 days ago

    Bro I don’t want Antonio Brown to come back. I actually think this man has CTE, he needs to retire I want the best for his life and don’t want him to get hit again. There is a lot of people giving Brown hate, I think Vontaze Burfict ruined AB’s head.

  • Top Dawg
    Top Dawg  14 days ago

    I’ve disowned my 23 year old daughter after this .. she lied got a restraining order , then beat her self up to get her boyfriend who works for me arrested .. unbelievable but I don’t think I’ll ever forgive her because it’s the worst evil I’ve ever seen in 56 years .. If she was around still ,I could be a victim also .. no thanks

  • Top Dawg
    Top Dawg  14 days ago

    Wake up everyone these women are continually lieing and all of y’all are falling for it .. These women should be jailed

  • Top Dawg
    Top Dawg  14 days ago

    Sad world where women can continue to make false accusations and try to ruin people’s lives .. God doesn’t sleep and they will all pay one way or another...

  • Shawn Cleary
    Shawn Cleary  14 days ago


  • Todd Howard
    Todd Howard  14 days ago

    if they let him back,they condon it!

  • william Rupert
    william Rupert  14 days ago

    Brittany Taylor talks about Antonio Brown's Cum-Back.

  • A Building
    A Building  14 days ago

    I think Antonio brown and Colin kaepernick are both doing this for clout

  • Xautic
    Xautic  14 days ago

    I thought he was finna finish college

  • Smartass Entertainment

    Yall trippin with the "he doesnt deserve to be in the league" angles...Especially off an accusation, thought we were innocent until proven guilty in this country...The NFL policing the players freedom of speech is already an overstep of boundaries regarding constitutional rights anyway

  • China Economic Terrorist

    Antonio Brown vs Colin Kaepernick, I'd rather the see Colin Kaepernick!!!

  • Haani Pangelinan Laulu

    Put AB and Kap on the Giants

  • John Peter
    John Peter  14 days ago

    AB do your thang don’t let these people break you

  • lifafever
    lifafever  14 days ago

    Wow really yall scared of nfl you will rather see someone die poor