Bigfire at Universal CityWalk Review | Universal Edition | 07/18/19

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 18, 2019
  • In this episode, Craig and Ryno review Bigfire American Fare at Universal CityWalk before answering your Universal Orlando questions!For more episodes of The DIS Unplugged visit us on FACEBOOK: / / us on TWITTER: / us on INSTAGRAM:


  • Briggs Backing Tracks
    Briggs Backing Tracks  1 months ago +77

    I want to truly thank you both for playing my track. I am humbled that you enjoyed it! I am sure you have other equally good submissions. Great show as always!

  • Cathy Walzer
    Cathy Walzer  1 months ago +20

    I think i listened more to the background music than i did to the review. They play good music.

  • Bama Quest
    Bama Quest  1 months ago +9

    They play good music in there but it is way too loud.
    I cannot believe those people let that kid change shirts at the table just goes to prove you can buy a nice dinner but you can’t buy manners.
    That burger looked amazing and actually the scallop dish did too.
    I think it’s a little silly for them to charge for bread and call it an appetizer... it’s bread ..most restaurants give it to you for free and it might be good bread but I don’t see it warranting four dollars.
    Great review guys, you are my favorite two people to go out and review food

  • PeteC75
    PeteC75  1 months ago +10

    DIS Unplugged: Universal Edition is my favorite show on this channel! I love these long episodes where you just take us along for the ride from start to finish. Craig and Ryno keep doing your thing!!

  • Kellie Anne
    Kellie Anne  1 months ago +7

    Absolutely loving the new intro music!!! That Jurassic Park theme is 🤲🏼🤲🏼 and we can’t forget E.T. Even tho I was so scared of him as a child lol

  • Corey Junk
    Corey Junk  1 months ago +8

    Love that you brought up Steve’s hilarious mispronunciation of brioche. 😂 #baroosh

  • Kimberly Scott
    Kimberly Scott  1 months ago +5

    Another good video. The Craig/Ryno combo is my favorite! a Kentucky girl, I'm also a fan of Woodford (among many other bourbons), but I've found that often the "custom" barrels don't really taste that much different or special. It's cool that they can incorporate it into their specialty cocktails, but with all of the other flavors/mixes they're using, they would probably be just as unique/tasty if they used the regular Woodford Reserve.

  • Kyle Jergensen
    Kyle Jergensen  1 months ago +3

    Is this the loudest restaurant on property? I can't remember a video where I've heard so much music?

  • efnaha
    efnaha  1 months ago +2

    Great review and Big Fire wins for the music alone!! Loved listening to the music during your review :)

  • Emmamerp
    Emmamerp  1 months ago +6

    Ring of fire playing in Big Fire, fire-themed music only in the Big Fire.

  • Dee McGee
    Dee McGee  1 months ago +6

    An hour long episode???
    A new opening theme???
    A meet and greet for the 20 years of Dreams event?
    Yes? No? Maybe??
    Edited to add: Watching Craig and Ryno deconstruct that Baked Alaska 😂

  • StripofPaper
    StripofPaper  1 months ago +6

    OMG the opening theme 🎉🎉

  • Tres Griffin
    Tres Griffin  1 months ago +4

    So, as a Georgia boy, Fried Green Tomatoes is for me that (as Ryno would say) "anytime I see it on a menu, I'm ordering it" dish....but what they're doing here is too much in my opinion.
    Like, the only thing that needs to be served with Fried Green Tomatoes is either ranch or remoulade. I love arugula, pesto and burrata...but keep it off my 'maters!

  • Toni Purkey
    Toni Purkey  1 months ago +6

    Cool tune intro!

  • gomeyn
    gomeyn  21 days ago +1

    Ryno, your "I don't know, I don't know, I don't know" with the baked Alaska was priceless! You are just so adorable! You two are my favorite! Any review you do is so entertaining and informative. Another great one guys! !

  • boylanroden
    boylanroden  1 months ago +5

    Date night? 25:47 some kids gets naked at the table and changes his shirt. Doesn't this place have a rest room?

  • Junk Drawer
    Junk Drawer  1 months ago +3

    that new theme tho! 👍

  • eddie o
    eddie o  1 months ago +3

    nothing says a GREMLINS shirt!!! i luvs it!

  • Living The Magic
    Living The Magic  1 months ago

    This video made me BIG HAPPY!
    Question: Signature in park dining experiences are something we can all agree Universal lacks in sometimes. With the new park announcement feeling like it may come anytime now, what would you like to see as far as dining goes?

  • Lauren Michero
    Lauren Michero  1 months ago +4

    So now it’s not Ryan the Ryno but Ryan “the whole business”😂😂