Bigfire at Universal CityWalk Review | Universal Edition | 07/18/19

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 18, 2019
  • In this episode, Craig and Ryno review Bigfire American Fare at Universal CityWalk before answering your Universal Orlando questions!

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    Bigfire American Fare is Average with Promise:


  • maureen beckwith
    maureen beckwith  5 months ago

    omg jam n bread for your starter, as if lol, jokes aside the scallops looked fab and i am hoping to try this next year xx

  • Tori Gilman
    Tori Gilman  5 months ago +1

    Ryno, your "I don't know, I don't know, I don't know" with the baked Alaska was priceless! You are just so adorable! You two are my favorite! Any review you do is so entertaining and informative. Another great one guys! !

  • Ross Souter
    Ross Souter  5 months ago

    Good review, you have earned yourself a sub. Better then the scummy Timtracker

  • Kyle Platt
    Kyle Platt  5 months ago

    Trying to figure out what Baked Alaska is was completely hilarious.

  • Kathy Romack
    Kathy Romack  5 months ago

    So I really need to know what BBQ places are worthy in the Universay/WDW area? My DH is is an extremely great griller. We have a very difficult time ordering most meats at any restaurant because it usually pales in comparison to what we can get at home from our own outdoor kitchen.

  • L Louie
    L Louie  5 months ago

    I enjoyed how they added in a many layered joke for the baked Alaska that honors the many multilayer loves in our lives

  • Living The Magic
    Living The Magic  5 months ago

    This video made me BIG HAPPY!

    Question: Signature in park dining experiences are something we can all agree Universal lacks in sometimes. With the new park announcement feeling like it may come anytime now, what would you like to see as far as dining goes?

  • Little Tokyo
    Little Tokyo  5 months ago

    I dig the review and can hear you two discuss the food quite well but the music in the restaurant itself seems too loud.

  • David Ross
    David Ross  5 months ago

    Im coming over from the UK in August and looking forward to trying this restaurant. Great review guys.

  • TheRealConcertKing
    TheRealConcertKing  5 months ago

    In the beginning when Ring of Fire was playing, I was thinking the restaurant had a playlist of only songs with "Fire" in the title/chorus, but it didn't seem to be the case. Bigmissedopportunity

  • Krista Spencer
    Krista Spencer  5 months ago

    a group of 8 of us went to Big Fire a few weeks back. We all ordered different dishes and out of all of us, 2 enjoyed their meals. they were all okay, but definitely not worth the price points or the hype. and the s’mores dessert was nice, but the fire kept going out and wasn’t working efficiently. we were all let down.

  • efnaha
    efnaha  5 months ago +2

    Great review and Big Fire wins for the music alone!! Loved listening to the music during your review :)

  • Kellie Anne
    Kellie Anne  5 months ago

    Also, the music in big fire makes me big happy

  • Gulch
    Gulch  5 months ago

    That intro music was horrible. Unsubscribed!

  • Chuck Oneill
    Chuck Oneill  5 months ago +1

    Craig stars in CSI:dessert. I’ve never seen a dessert autopsied like that before. 😆

  • Steve Forcum
    Steve Forcum  5 months ago

    Just wanted to say I love the show guys. Normally listen on the Podcast but try to watch on YouTube when possible. Big Ryno fan from MA!

  • Judy Palermo
    Judy Palermo  5 months ago

    The Don Draper reference..ya-esss!!!

  • Steve Last
    Steve Last  5 months ago

    "Sloppy top."
    Stop it, Ryno!?

  • Debra Garcia
    Debra Garcia  5 months ago

    Great music

  • Tonia Holden
    Tonia Holden  5 months ago +1

    Your dining reviews are always so great! Although I have to eat a snack while watching as you guys always make me hungry during these reviews 😄