Why No One will Fall in Love With Masculine Women

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 18, 2019
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  • Melinda Earl-Roop
    Melinda Earl-Roop  5 months ago +106

    Men will sometimes hate on women that they know they can't have.

  • Butterfly Queen
    Butterfly Queen  5 months ago +164

    She's 100000% correct. Lost a good guy with my masculate foul talk and ways. Snagged a new dude with her tips. I should have been followed her tips years ago!

  • gary de French
    gary de French  5 months ago +144

    I may not be Rhianna, but have dated billionares. Why? because I know my worth.

  • Melody Coates
    Melody Coates  5 months ago +142

    ive upgraded my wardrobe to more dresses and skirts and i been having more doors opened for me. it works ladies!

    WINSPIRATION 4 ALL  5 months ago +161

    Super feminine energy really gets you what you want. I went to a 5 star hotel lounge and got an expensive drink for free. It works!

  • Anon Black Man & Light Skin Motivation

    Real men protect and provide. That 50/50 is for pick me's and psuedo alpha males.

  • Cristal Perez
    Cristal Perez  5 months ago +87

    I agree about the cursing , so many beautiful women.... until they open there mouths 😕

  • issy O
    issy O  5 months ago +227

    Ladies, pls leave men who don’t treat you rightly,provision is really important, I can right a book on that!
    let a man lead, let a man do, let him chase, let him be a man, Don’t try raising a Grown man, let his mom do that job. I learnt my lesson the hard way. And now I’m happy, glowing and flourishing.
    Love my women around the world .
    Shera you are phenomenal .I follow all your words and it has helped me a lot 💙

  • Lynette 1000
    Lynette 1000  5 months ago +113

    Right they force you to act like a man, they want you to work and come home and act like a made.

  • Chocolate Sugar
    Chocolate Sugar  5 months ago +59

    I’ve had a man hate on me and it was all because he found me so attractive/sexy whatever and ended up admitting he was trying not to like me. Gave me a little money took me to lunch at work sometimes and confessed his complete adoration calling me a queen and saying I’ve set a whole new precedent for his taste in women. I ate every bite and femininely declined his advances. Dusty men can hate on you when they can’t have you especially if they’re betas pretending to be alphas or pretty boys, womanisers etc.
    Thank you Shera, you’ve taught me soooo much. I have found A LOT of power in my femininity and if it wasn’t for what you had taught me I would probably have been a pick me with this guy in a previous life smh. You’ve help make me stronger and work smarter, thank you 🙏🏾💕💕💕
    P.s. I’m dating millionaires now...😁💋💕💕💕💕💕

  • issy O
    issy O  5 months ago +208

    I’m improving my femininity, I lost it in my last r/ship coz I was busy being a bob the builder.. now I have gotten my power back, and the man I’m seeing is playing hes role properly. Providing so well 😍😍
    Thanks shera

  • morasinlove
    morasinlove  5 months ago +62

    I have been trying to embrace my femininity because even though I didn't know it I was being so masculine smh! Ever since I have noticed little changes here and there and I even feel like being more feminine has even improved my relationship with my father who is very masculine he always told me "a lady shouldn't curse" I used to argue with him about that all the time, but he is right. He loves to spoil my sisters and I. He loves to help all of us and lead us (even though I'm an adult lol) The only difference is I actually LET him now, where as before I never wanted my father to help me in anything, I wanted to do everything! I was always a bit rebellious and that "independent woman " little did I know it was making me so masculine. But our bond has improved so much as father and daughter! 😊 Well you live and you learn. Definitely working on activating my feminine energy more when it comes to men in general.

  • D. Thomas
    D. Thomas  5 months ago +73

    This video should have more likes and views. Shera wear a shower cap, the fellas stay away. Shera talk about women correcting and losing that unattractive behavior, no comments. It is what it is.

  • Katy Bailes
    Katy Bailes  5 months ago +72

    Dropping knowledge that is so true, while making me laugh so much omg 😅🤣

  • Majestick Sweetness
    Majestick Sweetness  5 months ago +61

    Sis! I'm so here for this. I do these things all the time to my husband. I had to in steps though. And we've been married for 19yrs. But he's always done everything I asked without a problem. A man needs to feel like a man for u.

  • Ethel Stell
    Ethel Stell  5 months ago +37

    I went to a bridal show and this older gentleman rushed past and opened my door and all these women just looked .It was raining and I was in white and he rushed to help me everyone else got wet .

  • KThrilla
    KThrilla  5 months ago +37

    Dated a beautiful woman for two years. She had the body of a model. Tall beautiful chocolate. I ended it with her because she was too masculine. She talked to me like I was a child, she told me we should be in competition with each other in terms of success in our relationship, she tried to tell me what chores I should do around the house when we were living together. She wasn't affectionate with her daughter, wasn't affectionate during sex. She struggled with her feminity and after meeting her mother it was sad that she was an extension of her mother. When we ended I told her she would never have a problem attracting men. She thought her being a single mother was an issue where men would be hesitant. I said that ain't never gonna be the issue with you. She doesn't know how to treat men. Moved on and married a beautiful feminine woman. My boy went through the same thing. Funny how lives can parallel to an extent. He split from his masculine ex and married a feminine woman who not trying to compete with him.

  • Tara Robinson
    Tara Robinson  5 months ago +89

    I've been telling my girlfriend for years to be more feminine. She's been masculine for so long that she admitted that she lost her femininity. Every boyfriend that she has been with for the last 15 yrs used her because they're dusties and that's what she's attracting. I told her that men treat you like they see you. She doesn't treat herself well so why does she expect to be treated well. I suggested your videos. Maybe she'll listen to you Shera! You're the GOAT

  • Cameron B
    Cameron B  5 months ago +23

    Shera I’m so glad I found you 😫 I’m applying all your tips to my own life and I notice a difference. As a more feminine woman I feel happier, more relaxed, sensual, radiant, everything! Femininity is power 🌹🌹

  • Shayvideos1
    Shayvideos1  5 months ago +28

    I agree with cursing..its not cute in front of men nor is it attractive for a man to curse like crazy..a small curse word here and there from him is tolerable but not when it's bi*** and words like that..I'm totally turned off from that.