Why No One will Fall in Love With Masculine Women

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 18, 2019
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  • Chloe Isadora
    Chloe Isadora  6 days ago

    I’ve actually seen men fall in love with masculine like women...but these are the beta males

  • Star Light Star Bright

    Happens all the time in the cooperate world...we just wear heels and a feminine outfit, men will rush to open the door they will pick up things youve dropped , walk you to your car, offer to carry things...love it lol.

  • See Miles
    See Miles  7 days ago

    When I am more feminine, I haven't met men that meet my standards. I end up having to do everything anyway. Then they of course makes me more masculine unintentionally. How do I fix this? I'm tall and have a bigger build. These are natural aspects i cannot change. I'm not aggressive although i do enjoy the gym a lot and have an active lifestyle. I'm seriously trying to see what the problem is.

  • Lulu nicole
    Lulu nicole  7 days ago

    “*sniff sniff* is that the garbage“ lololol

  • Archana Mehta Patel

    No women is dumb even those who act damsel in distress

  • Archana Mehta Patel

    Is it ok to advice a man if he says he is facing trouble and I advised him to have focus and not juggle too many things that he does . He said he wud tell me about it . I left it to that . I did tell him not to get overwhelmed . Is that feminine ?

  • chris codling
    chris codling  14 days ago

    its a cycle because the more agressive women become the more agressive men have to be just to turn them on, now we got two people that only know how to fight each. The makeup sex be agressive asf.

  • Tiffany Johnson
    Tiffany Johnson  14 days ago

    Ahhhh lol it smells like hot garbage 😂

  • Undyne The Freshmeister

    I honestly dont think this is a good take. Why should a women have to cater to some guys fragile masculinity. We shouldnt have to “make him feel like a man” cause he should already know that he is.

  • газировка Obscured

    Men ABSOLUTELY DO HATE ON WOMEN THEY FIND ATTRACTIVE. After they ask u out five times and u say no. This happened to me . I got hated on. Or they will try to put u down . In a relationship the jealous asshole will make her feel ugly so she doesn't know her potential.

  • газировка Obscured

    Omg ! So much respect for this. U r the only one answer I've been looking for. I have a weak bf who doesn't provide. I have to make all of the decisions. He is like a child . I have to do it all. It puts me in a masculine role I don't like.

  • Aux Faux
    Aux Faux  a months ago

    Your sex appeal must come from how well you can ride the deeeek. Do some powerful pelvic thrusts then you will see what i mean. Have to imagine you riding the deeeek powerfully that will make you sexy

  • boldandcourageous 41
    boldandcourageous 41  a months ago +1

    She is so right about men running to open the door for you since I've been leveling up I've had guys literally check out before me in the grocery store line but wait at the door so they could hold the door open for me I've never had that happen to me before ! In the past I had men open the door for me if they were right there but now I have guys running to get to the door are turning back if they walked away from the door to open the door for me. It's such a good feeling I've had masculine women open the door for me too. It hardly happens if I'm in slacks by the way.

  • Bridgette Traveler
    Bridgette Traveler  a months ago

    You're right about men & foul mouth women! I don't like foul mouth men either! I've had men to hate on me because I didn't want them! Broke men will hate & call us gold diggers! Thanks for the real talk!!!

  • Mrs. John
    Mrs. John  a months ago

    If a Man is loving you for the way you dress or look, it's not permanent, trust me. So be you

  • Mrs. John
    Mrs. John  a months ago +1

    Expecting men to save you is not a good thing.

  • Denetria Wright
    Denetria Wright  2 months ago

    And definitely will not fall in love with FEMININE men/man

  • 929steph
    929steph  2 months ago +2

    “If men are hating on you that’s cause you ugly” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 level up 💁🏾‍♀️

  • zaya Alive
    zaya Alive  2 months ago

    Amazing like always😊

  • Faith Oladeji
    Faith Oladeji  2 months ago

    Yassss Chanel baby