The Division 2 | Solo Manhunts & Random Moments in Dark Zone (Open Beta)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 16, 2019
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    Dark Zone pvp, edited by betrayer
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  • widdz
    widdz  6 months ago +7

    Last open beta footage, next will be division 2 live game! More videos coming today.
    Edited by betrayer

  • Daemon247
    Daemon247  5 months ago

    they should have called it the “Light Zone”.

  • Milton Parker
    Milton Parker  5 months ago +1

    25 percent damage overall, just select your fav weapon and equip it in slot 2

  • Milton Parker
    Milton Parker  5 months ago

    Just put LMG with 25 damage bonus minus handling perk in first weapon slot and it the applies overall, in second weapon slot it won’t apply to your player stat chart

  • GaMeR GoD
    GaMeR GoD  5 months ago


  • Supadaa
    Supadaa  5 months ago

    How is your character moving 2-3 times faster than mine? What Specs you have? How to double the character speed?

  • Jordan Thomas
    Jordan Thomas  6 months ago

    Outstanding 👌🏼

  • BlacKi2007
    BlacKi2007  6 months ago

    you must have killed over 100 players already, because of the dislikes XD

  • xVGxJack
    xVGxJack  6 months ago

    I want to play division 2 but the game stutters and makes the game unplayable

  • Slashu
    Slashu  6 months ago

    What kind of outfits are you wearing ?

  • Brooks Schneider
    Brooks Schneider  6 months ago +1

    I don't know why I can't use paragraphs in the comments section. Every time I use them and click the button to post, the paragraphs go away. Anyway, here is my review of D2. I would like to share my thoughts here on the division 2 pvp. In D1 there were extraordinary builds with a lot of cool talents. The time to kill as of patch 1.8.3 was perfect and the heals were good.In D2, the heals using the armor kits are like the healing in PUBG. I love PUBG, but that is not what I want for The Division. And it is certainly not the type of Division I am used to after almost playing 5,300 hours in D1. The time to kill in D2 is also horrible. No longer will there be all out wars and the increasingly amounts of fun in Division PVP because of the short time to kill and the lack of good heals over all.As mentioned previously, D1 had awesome builds, but D2 has boring builds. We used to have PRED, NOMAD, etc... Now we have brands that 3 pieces give accuracy, crit damage and armor. If you ask me these new brand sets are boring by comparison. Not only do these "brand sets" create a less dynamic in PVP, but they also create less of an importance in PVE as well. I am tier 4 in D2, I have 82 percent of the game complete, I have all the missions complete. Yet during any of those missions in D2 my team and I have never had to use any complimentary builds. In D1 depending on the mission, one person would have to wear this, another that, another something else in order to complete the mission. But, in D2 my friends and I wore Frankenstein builds that did not require us to help each other out by each of us wearing something different.In the end, the PVP is boring compared to D1, the PVE did not require any build diversity, the "brands" are relatively boring to D1, and as a PVP player mostly I had to do way too much PVE to get to tier 4. God help me if I missed a few hours of PVE with my friends, because there is so much, it would have put me light years behind. This does not promote friends working together or a PVP game at all. Rather a game you have to give a job up for in order to keep up with your friends, and so much PVE that as a PVP player you really don't want to be forced to do. Especially since the actual PVP did a complete 180 from D1.

    CROWN  6 months ago

    I respect your talent as a gamer but bro. you spreading aids with this gay ass build. secondly running around with a short scope on a sniper in close range fights is for scrubs. it’s not a shotgun. You’re better than that

  • Basic
    Basic  6 months ago

    How do you unlock dz?

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous  6 months ago

    The div 2 pvp lacks intensity, violence speed and momentum.
    Div 1 pvp is way better than this anomaly.

  • GrimDP
    GrimDP  6 months ago

    What sniper is that

  • Eternity FX
    Eternity FX  6 months ago

    got yourself another sub 🤘🤘

    TAVVOOS  6 months ago

    They should allow at least 45 bullets on the famas

  • SuperMeCrazy1 Gaming

    Will u do conflict too or only Dz?

  • Mike Run
    Mike Run  6 months ago


  • Netko Poseban
    Netko Poseban  6 months ago +2

    So,killing some newbies without even using cover(thats the bots level) ,you call a skill? You need to find players from your skill range