Cheap Porsche Owner Modifies Harbor Freight Tools to Fix his Salvage 911

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 23, 2019
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    Getting the bumpers ready for paint with plastic welding repair and body work on the Porsche Carrera 911 Rebuild Project!

    Special thanks to Eastwood for Body Tools and Supplies:

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  • Gabson
    Gabson  9 months ago +339

    Frame crac, windshield crac and bumper crac.

  • GeStaFFo
    GeStaFFo  2 months ago

    I'm so happy to see that you're using facemasks (y)

  • Alan O
    Alan O  3 months ago

    Nice job. I like the way you think Sam. You can do it all. Good old American ingenuity and self reliance. Any fool can go buy a new bumper, or pay someone to do body work.

  • Fred Santosuosso
    Fred Santosuosso  3 months ago

    The are very right. Do you have any flex additive in the primer?

  • john cloves
    john cloves  3 months ago

    You are a fuckign COWBOY,,,,,,Yeeeehhaaaaa ,,,lol Just like me ,

  • artbyrobot
    artbyrobot  4 months ago

    you could of just welded it with your soldering iron. waste of money to buy a plastic welder if you already have a soldering iron.

  • Michael Manchester
    Michael Manchester  4 months ago

    How the heck do you afford all this I’m genuinely curious

  • John Abrahamsen
    John Abrahamsen  4 months ago

    Samcrac, keep the nozzle closer when welding, and also use gas and not that stupid flux filled shit wire, that will never produce a good weld. Also seems like you have setup your welder wrong for this type of work, you are using too little power and pushing the wire too fast thereby building up a big ass weld, with little burn-in between the two pieces. You want to melt the metal underneath the weld and only apply a small amount of metal from the wire.

  • VBshredder
    VBshredder  4 months ago

    LOl i love your ghetto solutions becasue i would be trying something similar...eff the BS, whatever works!

  • Doug Drew
    Doug Drew  4 months ago

    lol, props for showing the wrong weld, I would have just not shown everyone that mistake.

  • Doug Drew
    Doug Drew  4 months ago

    F-ing Harbor Freight - 9 out of 10 things they sell are crap, but we keep shopping there for all the bargains...

    MATTHEW CROW  5 months ago

    Thanks for showing your idiocy! Wrong way weld! Many of us can relate!

  • chefaaron77
    chefaaron77  5 months ago

    @Samcrac what do you do for a living?

  • BorisNotRussian
    BorisNotRussian  5 months ago

    I was barely certified in auto body repair, mainly because I knew the theory. Couldn't do much good actually working though. The thing you wanna do though if you have tears in any plastic, is to drill a hole at the end of the crack, so it ends in an artifficial spot. Otherwise it will just keep tearing and tearing, you basically lead the tear into a cole-de-sac with the drill hole.

  • Seth Hunter
    Seth Hunter  5 months ago

    What is JB weld?

    HOTRODRICO  5 months ago

    ur supposed to scuff the areas to be plastic welded... but ok

  • sirvando vargas
    sirvando vargas  7 months ago

    Great informative video,thanks for the tips and knowledge to do my own work on my car.

  • Brian Percival
    Brian Percival  7 months ago

    Check out a T-Hotbox for dent repairs.

  • MMA
    MMA  8 months ago


  • Jake S
    Jake S  8 months ago

    Harrys FTW