Cheap Porsche Owner Modifies Harbor Freight Tools to Fix his Salvage 911

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 23, 2019
  • Try Out Dollar Shave Club for only $5: members get their 1st month of their Shave, Shower, or Oral Care Starter Sets for ONLY $5 each with FREE shipping!Getting the bumpers ready for paint with plastic welding repair and body work on the Porsche Carrera 911 Rebuild Project!Special thanks to Eastwood for Body Tools and Supplies: Me: [email protected]


  • Gabson  6 months ago

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  • Charles Mcgehee  5 months ago

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  • Derek Rogers  5 months ago

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  • Eric Sherwood  6 months ago

    Bodyman with 30 years experience here. Some tips for plastic bumper repair. First, welding is not the best repair method for any situation, for an amateur. I suspect that the rod is not the same plastic as the bumper. JB Weld is too rigid for that application and is very likely to crack. A semi-rigid plastic repair epoxy, which would be available from any body repair supplies jobber would be the best solution. I use Dominion Sure Seal but it may be Canadian only. Grind the inside, apply 2 layers...

  • nitrous dude  1 months ago

    don't worry. As a Canadian, in good standing I'm prepared to speak positively on your behalf for purchasing flex epoxy for bumper repair! :) you have a great website. you also have skills! Thanks for sharing them

  • B Povish  4 months ago

    I agree with you 100% Eric, a 2 part flexible repair epoxy would be best....ALSO I am not certain of the actual composition of that particular bumper but if a bumper is Olefin it can be melted back together with a grinder leaving ZERO cracks just a small amount of filler (1/16' of less ;) )Primer should be 2 part epoxy as well. Not sure what he used however it looked like a thin lacquer primer and lacquer primer shrinks as we all know.....with that being said, I am not here to criticize the guy eithe...

  • Simon Vuille  6 months ago

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  • FrozenIce  5 months ago


  • Ian Taylor  5 months ago

    @J Blob You’re fucking dumb.

  • R Cabreezy  6 months ago

    Who told you to use JB weld on a plastic bumper ??? JB weld hardens like a rock, the first time that bumper flexes that JB weld is going to crack. Remove it ASAP and get the proper filler like 3M flexible plastic body filler.

  • P J  5 months ago

    You use the same material for the welding as the original part is made of. Good kits come with different kind of plastic rods....

  • Dixon Cider  6 months ago

    I rebuilt a motorcycle with hundreds of broken pieces in the fairings to years ago. I used a soldering iron and ABS plastic to repair all the cracks. Then I used Evercoat metal filler to fill. Not a single problem since. i do agree that JB weld is too brittle.

  • Drahkas  6 months ago

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  • I got a car add in Spanish at the end haha, but yes dominos is funny given the obvious.

  • dominick253  5 months ago

    Domino's missed a good marketing opportunity with Sam crac. I'm in a marketing class now and most businesses would pay him to do that kind of work.

  • Valen Gerung  6 months ago

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  • Michael Lewis  5 months ago

    Real youtuber.

  • mrcassioo  6 months ago

    Exactly! First time on Youtube I feel a channel's videos are too short lol.

  • Regg Eckmann  6 months ago

    Use lots of weld studs only hit slide one two or 3 times, use use reinforced fiber filler on mangled metal. Weld holes up first, grind smooth. You're getting it Sam!

  • doctorjango1  6 months ago

    Thank you Samcrac for showing your trials and errors, and doing these jobs with affordable tools that most people can get their hands on.

  • adam  6 months ago

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  • Mark Darlington  5 months ago

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  • SHORTY FLCNBRG  6 months ago

    jb weld is brittle, on a flexible bumper it will crack.