She Found Out... I'm In Trouble!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 31, 2018
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  • Matthew Penttila
    Matthew Penttila  4 days ago

    You are a good father the smile on his face is the best

  • Robert Reynolds
    Robert Reynolds  5 days ago

    Keep enjoying your life with the kids wife. Its what really matters.

  • Caboose Omaly
    Caboose Omaly  9 days ago

    how much stuff do you buy without her knowing?

  • Solar
    Solar  9 days ago

    You can tell she's in love with him because of how she smiles even when he's doing stupid shit.

  • Rebel B TV
    Rebel B TV  9 days ago

    Did he seriously get this without his wife knowing?! That's awesome! Haha

  • Benjamin Hackett
    Benjamin Hackett  10 days ago

    So, I know you've talked before about buying vehicles to fix up to sell reconditioned. Is that part of what this truck is for, or will you be hanging on to it?

  • Tideggaming 05
    Tideggaming 05  10 days ago

    Your son is lucky to have you as a father

  • Eljonn Malbasia
    Eljonn Malbasia  10 days ago

    Nice one men don't stop men for what your doing men

  • hillbilly bmx
    hillbilly bmx  11 days ago

    NICE!!! ITS A 440

  • hillbilly bmx
    hillbilly bmx  11 days ago

    3x0 is zero lol

    KĮŃG DÁRKØ  11 days ago

    Abracadabra!!!!! @ 2:34

  • Ulysses Downing
    Ulysses Downing  11 days ago

    Ranch hammer

  • Joey Lopez
    Joey Lopez  11 days ago

    Buy him a Polaris 170

  • tod hollandsworth
    tod hollandsworth  12 days ago

    King of the hammers just makes it pretty bad a$$ look up Mel wade or offroad evolution and you'll learn quiet a bit like his hemi power wrangler he drives

  • Jacob Abraham
    Jacob Abraham  12 days ago

    Mere so fucking sexy

  • Jipsy Swindle
    Jipsy Swindle  12 days ago

    I'm happy for you both and I'm happy to see you both still care

  • Jonathan Vazquez
    Jonathan Vazquez  13 days ago

    And 4 months later...she got her revenge

  • Ianmolten Pandaria

    Lol your daughter said it's ugly :D. Yea girls don't appreciate the beauty of that beast!

  • it'sgucci900 hd
    it'sgucci900 hd  13 days ago

    you should name it demon

  • temgag ga
    temgag ga  14 days ago

    I have a tip, Matt. There is a big fifty-seventy cal called BFG 50 and only one bullet in the mag