Defend What's Ours: Chapter 11

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 14, 2019
  • We are all called to serve. Our family. Our team. Our city. For the few among us, the calling is different.

    #BaltimoreRavens #Ravens #NFL

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  • Rick K.
    Rick K.  2 months ago

    Get this win and we can really start to put a lock on a first round bye.

  • Carlos Chavez
    Carlos Chavez  2 months ago +1

    I practically know everyone in this comment section!

  • Lion Thomas
    Lion Thomas  2 months ago +1

    Who's next.............😈

  • Ben Valenzuela
    Ben Valenzuela  2 months ago +11

    Don't get comfortable with the wins.

    Get comfortable when we won them all.

  • Deivid RamPa
    Deivid RamPa  2 months ago

    Hermoso!!! 👌🔥🏈🔥👌

  • king shark
    king shark  2 months ago +3

    😕 Pittsburg, you had one job, dammmmmmmmmmm

  • king shark
    king shark  2 months ago +4

    10 acc qbs in the league as qb1 ....
    Here we go, something acc country is use too, good qb match ups.

    Jackson vs Watson....
    Watson will put on, but 1st look teams in the Jackson era are just not ready.

    Sorry Houston, it's gone be a problem.

  • Deborah 78.
    Deborah 78.  2 months ago +7

    I saw "Chapter 11" in the title, and the first thing I thought was, "who went bankrupt?"...😁🏈💜

  • Kai Sommers
    Kai Sommers  2 months ago +7

    This is always my favorite series😈😈😈

  • David Layton
    David Layton  2 months ago

    I do

  • Wicket The Ewok
    Wicket The Ewok  2 months ago +5


  • Big Smash
    Big Smash  2 months ago +22

    Ravens Productions is the best! lets take care of business vs. the Texans!

  • Julian Shipp Jr
    Julian Shipp Jr  2 months ago +11

    These get better and better

  • Jesse Eubanks
    Jesse Eubanks  2 months ago +7

    We Gonna Stone Cold Stomp A Mudhole On The Texans 👊 👞

  • C_LOS 23
    C_LOS 23  2 months ago +8

    Like if the ravens are winning 😈😈😈 #WeAreTheFlock #FlockGang

  • Trying to get 10,000 Subs with no vids

    This should be blue if you love the Ravens
    I’m gifting my next 15 active subs

  • Andrew Ganes
    Andrew Ganes  2 months ago +10


  • Mason Jablonic
    Mason Jablonic  2 months ago +1


  • Baller Dexter
    Baller Dexter  2 months ago +2