Driving My Cheap Lamborghini For The First Time Was TERRIFYING (And AWESOME!)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 15, 2018
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    I finally drive my cheap Lambo. Yes, it's good. And terrifying

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    This is just a shake down and I'm not pushing the car at all.
    Tavarish: WHOOT!

  • John Love
    John Love  2 days ago

    You need a clutch and pressure plate NOW.!!

  • Osillius
    Osillius  4 days ago

    I just started this series and when he finally steps on it I get the same goofy grin, just as excited as if it was my Lamborghini

  • Matt Apple
    Matt Apple  5 days ago

    When you drive a convertible Lambo twin turbo in the Rain,...then you can be certain that you are totaly crazy :)

  • andyITA
    andyITA  7 days ago

    why have a shit manual gearbox on a car like this....

  • W Jones
    W Jones  7 days ago

    Wow got excited right long with ya bruh!

  • Austin Plant
    Austin Plant  7 days ago

    Man I gotta say you put your hard work into this car and because of that you got a nice ass super car out of it man. Congratulations man!

  • Multidimensional Traveler

    No your audio is perfect them turbos sound Nasty

  • Rodney Waites
    Rodney Waites  14 days ago

    She feisty lol

  • Tommy Cain
    Tommy Cain  14 days ago

    He needs a TV show I'd watch

  • R3SP3CT TH3 V3T
    R3SP3CT TH3 V3T  14 days ago

    I just fixed a fuel leak on my 66 mercury and thought I was celebrating, then I watched this... dude this is amazing

  • Dan Schwerdt
    Dan Schwerdt  14 days ago

    I made the same faces the first time I twisted the throttle of an r1

  • Thomas Studio
    Thomas Studio  14 days ago

    Awesome, I am enjoying the ride.

  • Dean Marconi
    Dean Marconi  21 days ago +2

    Just found this video series and have been marathoning it all day! Man, driving that thing after all the work you've done on it had to be the greatest feeling in the world! Congrats!

  • T1C3
    T1C3  21 days ago

    A Proud viewer congratulations! the dislikes are you losing that 1 gear and probably the gold >_ < but well done mannn hahhaha

  • julia baldo
    julia baldo  21 days ago +1

    U lucky dawg! ;-)

  • Abdulla Bali
    Abdulla Bali  1 months ago

    Now its resting in his garage never to be driven

  • Tuber Life daily
    Tuber Life daily  2 months ago

    I like the old rams better

  • Oh ye ye Oh ye ye
    Oh ye ye Oh ye ye  2 months ago

    The turbos sound mean

  • C. W
    C. W  3 months ago

    riff raffs next lambo