Nintendo Switch Charger!!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 10, 2018
  • Testing out this portable Nintendo Switch battery charger I ordered over a year ago!► SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS:🎶 MUSIC I USE - BE MY FRIEND: iJustine📷 CAMERAS I USE:Sony A7s ii - A7 iii - rx100 v5 - Hero 7 - ONE X -


  • Wyatt Ajantè
    Wyatt Ajantè  a years ago +53

    Hi IJ please do Sims 4 test on iMac pro and more gaming vids

  • Fracc Attacc
    Fracc Attacc  a years ago +43


  • Doctor Syed
    Doctor Syed  a years ago +30

    I hope it doesn’t brick your Switch.

  • Kadin Sisavat
    Kadin Sisavat  a years ago +5

    0:27. I love that iPhone x case😊😍

  • Barbie Barrios
    Barbie Barrios  a years ago +85

    I love Nintendo Switch Charger and was amazing 🎮😍💕

  • Gareth Dix
    Gareth Dix  a years ago +1

    Weight aside it looks great but...
    Is that wolf cooker behind you?!!!

  • Morgan Hughes
    Morgan Hughes  a years ago +3

    Justine... how is your iPhone X red on the bottom - it looks sooo cool!! 😍💕

  • Adam Wahby
    Adam Wahby  a years ago +2

    are you gonna get the red iPhone 8

  • Gavin Larson
    Gavin Larson  a years ago +13

    COOL I wish I had a Switch

  • Baconface McGee
    Baconface McGee  a years ago +3

    I still don’t have a Switch. Our walls do though.

  • Malachy
    Malachy  a years ago +5

    Be careful with 3rd Party Switch power accessories, Docks, Power adapters, cables and power banks, as the switch is very sensitive to voltage and not using official Nintendo accessories can result in bricking your switch until a fix comes out for this issue

  • Brandon Wright
    Brandon Wright  a years ago +1

    Great video Justine! Please make more switch videos! Thanks for being Justine!

  • gGadget
    gGadget  a years ago +2

    When you're anxiously staring at Justine's iPhone dangerously close to the edge the entire time 😐

  • White Clouds
    White Clouds  a years ago +2

    I love your videos so much ❤️

  • Andrew McCarthy
    Andrew McCarthy  4 months ago

    To anyone considering this product, DO NOT GET IT! My brother and I ordered one FOUR MONTHS AGO and have yet to receive it. After looking through the social media accounts and websites associated with this product, there are at least DOZENS of other people who have also not received the items they paid for. All attempts to contact the manufacturer have been ignored. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!

  • Yourself Animation Studios.

    Te quiero mucho guapa gran video justo pensaba en ti y que me llega la notificacion arriba #nintendo 😉

  • Zelazny Art
    Zelazny Art  a years ago +4

    pls do more with the switch

  • Christopher Arez
    Christopher Arez  a years ago +18

    I really want super smash bros for switch to be here already 🎮🎮

  • Gitano Jr
    Gitano Jr  a years ago +1

    Wonder if this will also brick your switch??? Let us know though... 😳

  • DarklingGolem50
    DarklingGolem50  a years ago +1

    Every time a Company releases a product. There’s always someone making a battery case for it