twenty one pilots - ERS2016 (Highlight 02)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 11, 2016
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  • Marie Haugen
    Marie Haugen  3 years ago +742

    tyler still has not said one word throughout the series

  • Shelly Lynn
    Shelly Lynn  3 years ago +396

    I don't care if I achieve anything else in my life, as long as I can see twenty one pilots before I die.

  • Alexa King
    Alexa King  3 years ago +310

    This is so magical. Even on a screen.

  • You_Are Not_Alone
    You_Are Not_Alone  3 years ago +432

    We will always sing along |-/

  • A A L I Y A H R O S E
    A A L I Y A H R O S E  3 years ago +117

    I'm too poor I'll probably never meet them ಥ_ಥ

  • Twenty Paphonies
    Twenty Paphonies  3 years ago +32

    There are few things I want more in life than to be in front of that stag at one of their concerts, and the fact that it will probably never happen kills me.

  • gem
    gem  3 years ago +73


  • Sofia Valero
    Sofia Valero  3 years ago +130

    We will ALWAYS sing along |-/

  • faketown
    faketown  3 years ago +32

    it would be really cool if you would drop the heathens video thank you

  • karisma M
    karisma M  3 years ago +15

    If Heathens come out when i am sleeping i will die. |-/

  • M Louise
    M Louise  3 years ago +30

    Anyone else just constantly refreshing waiting for something to do with heathens to come up

  • missagaga
    missagaga  3 years ago +33

    is Tyler like not gonna talk in any of these

  • xsheeb
    xsheeb  3 years ago +8

    can we just-
    the girl at 1:00 is so cute ok bye

  • seagoth
    seagoth  3 years ago +850

    we will always sing along |-/

  • wait what
    wait what  3 years ago +17

    these highlights always make me shed a tear, i dont even know why

  • Morgan
    Morgan  2 years ago +12

    The music at 3:40 is amazing and I need to know what it is

  • SarahIsHere
    SarahIsHere  3 years ago +7

    The person at 1:00 was so adorable omg

  • kay !!
    kay !!  3 years ago +9

    i wanna go back so bad! i started crying during this oml. ha

  • Ashley
    Ashley  3 years ago +6

    That guy at 4:22 would literally be me bowing in Tyler's presence

  • Where are your fingers?
    Where are your fingers?  3 years ago +25

    All my friends are heathens take it slow