10 ways Android is just better



  • vegan titties  (Feb 10, 2019))

    sorry cant hear you with my souljapods

  • Nintendo Boy zombies  (1 hour ago))

    Do those exist yet?

  • nash kessler  (2 days ago))

    It runs android

  • M Isa  (Mar 9, 2019))

    "A portion of this video is sponsored by LastPass"Wait... They couldn't afford to sponsor the whole video?

  • brian payne  (5 hours ago))

    hahah i get it

  • OrangeC7  (11 hours ago))

    Linus was just asking for too much, he was asking for their souls.

  • Deniz Muratlı  (Feb 15, 2019))

    Freedom, basically.

  • Zenoná  (4 days ago))

    +unlokia Upgrade to Android grandpa

  • IMadeYouReadThis  (6 days ago))

    Deniz Muratlı Explosion, basically.

  • Anything Trending  (Feb 9, 2019))

    Apple Will Add These Features After 20 Years And Call It Innovation.

  • Banneriowa  (4 days ago))

    +HaykGaming android made face id first they also made wireless charging first i need to look into fingerprint scanning tho

  • Naman Mehta  (Apr 7, 2019))


  • Ty Weber  (Mar 5, 2019))

    Did anyone else see his spit? 4:21

  • Rayan Mirza  (Apr 13, 2019))

    I saw it before ur comment

  • Filipson 333  (Apr 10, 2019))

    Yep, I saw it too

  • Naomi Kitsune  (Mar 13, 2019))

    iOS - For people that want to pay more for lessAndroid - For people that want to pay less for more

  • Tyler  (9 hours ago))

    +Devan Vieira you are not wrong

  • Devan Vieira  (10 hours ago))

    Android is for the intelligent. Apple is for the simple.

  • M G  (Feb 13, 2019))

    Can you use Lastpass to log into Lastpass

  • Sonia Blanche  (Apr 7, 2019))

    yes you can, all you have to do is have a 2nd lastpass account to store all your lastpass passwords

  • Matthew Gregory  (Mar 31, 2019))

    No, but you can use onelogin, to log into Dashlane so you can log into last pass

  • vertigo  (Feb 15, 2019))

    I didn't realize iPhone users don't have split screen and multitasking wow...I have to watch videos and text someone at the same time for some reason

  • Sour Onion Cream  (4 days ago))

    its me cheap

  • its me  (5 days ago))

    +Sour Onion Cream lol..Sir how much it comes for

  • Aalavi  (Feb 9, 2019))

    Imagine forgetting the password to LastPass

  • Tizen  (Apr 11, 2019))

    it happened to me once ;-;

  • Gismo TB  (Apr 9, 2019))

    If you have an iPhone, you dont ned LastPass app. iCloud take care of you password for you. And they pop up on you computer to, if you us OSX and log in on your Apple-ID.

  • Mr Nuts LOL  (Mar 16, 2019))

    Thanks, but I prefer my Gucci Smart Toilet™ for all my texting and calling needs.