Samsung WaterWall™ captured with Galaxy S9's Super Slow-mo

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 2, 2018
  • Watching Samsung’s WaterWall™ dishwasher technology in Super Slow-mo, you can see individual jets create a powerful wall of water that perfectly cleans every dish in every corner.

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  • Arabella P. Obeña

    Super slow mo dosent work on dark places tho trust me.

  • Fayyaz Gandro
    Fayyaz Gandro  a years ago

    What is diffrent between warranty and without warranty s9 plus mobile

  • Daddy Hitler
    Daddy Hitler  a years ago

  • [P C]
    [P C]  a years ago

    How to advertise 2 things at one? Here it is.

  • Skytop Rex
    Skytop Rex  a years ago

    SAMSUNG NICE!! 🖒🖒🖒🔥🔥

  • Stefan Rumenov
    Stefan Rumenov  a years ago

    Amazing Phone maybe one day I will buy it... Too expensive I’m not very rich but there are a lot reasons for this price!!!

  • marek kora
    marek kora  a years ago

    I use to buy your flagships. Upgrading almost each half year ( because of NOTE line ) I loved it. But after so many years I find out one thing which has been disappointing me. Updates, guys ! I could get one major update after each your flagship came out. The UI never been updated as the new flagship rocked and that made me to upgrade. Loosing money because of just updates, which are free on any android device. So sorry for ME and SAMSUNG. I wont buy it ANYMORE.

  • Core Gaming
    Core Gaming  a years ago +1

    Heart plz 😘😘😘😘

  • ATallSteve
    ATallSteve  a years ago

    Watching this on the s8

  • Sila Ma
    Sila Ma  a years ago

    Hope Note9 will new Updated more and more (Ram, internal memory, Camera, Body, Speed) and Hope not updated only S_pen. If Samsung Not update a lot on Note9 will Down. Go to change and used with iPhone, Hauwai, 1+, Oppo than Samsung cuz Oppo, Hauwei, 1+ is Good too and Cheap(price) than samsung. Samsung is Expensive.

  • Nitish patil
    Nitish patil  a years ago

    Samsung software updates sucks

  • Mr.crack
    Mr.crack  a years ago

    Like si eres fan de samsung

  • Superior Flerms Flermans

    i have a blue s9

  • Pura Diversion
    Pura Diversion  a years ago

    Aguante p20 pro

  • Jaztin Del Rosario
    Jaztin Del Rosario  a years ago +1

    I love my S9+😊😊

  • asif khan
    asif khan  a years ago


  • Dank Dopths
    Dank Dopths  a years ago

    Meanwhile Samsung users' nudes are being sent to their mothers without consent.
    Thanks Facebo- I mean, Samsung

  • Matthew Xia
    Matthew Xia  a years ago

    Yes! I love these videos of Samsung super slo-mo in their own product. #dowhatyoucant

    TEXASBLAZE 101  a years ago

    Watching on my note 9

  • Flávio Arrioja
    Flávio Arrioja  a years ago

    Pero en HD