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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 19, 2018
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  • Maya Dickman
    Maya Dickman  2 months ago +230

    Lauren: I guess I'm wider than I thought

  • Bianky Lopez
    Bianky Lopez  a years ago +784

    "Guess I'm wider than I thought I was"😂

  • Lady Scarlett
    Lady Scarlett  11 months ago +660

    You look good in every bikini!! I would like to have your body!!

  • rafa
    rafa  11 months ago +275

    How to get a body like Lauren

  • Bridget T
    Bridget T  a years ago +1436

    Laurens got the ABSSSSSSS

  • Awesome Phoenix
    Awesome Phoenix  7 months ago +407

    Me: it's a cute bikini
    Mom: you won't wear that
    Me : why?
    Mom: get that off now
    Me: no
    Mom: can I see it then?
    Me: okay?
    Mom: burns in a fire
    Me: that cost $35
    Mom: I will pay you back
    Me: you better
    Like if you made it this far!

  • Luna Playz
    Luna Playz  11 months ago +655

    I Bet Most Of The Viewers Are Boys

  • Emily Puckett
    Emily Puckett  a years ago +91

    Every time she says that she has high hopes I think:
    "Gotta have high, high hopes for a living, shooting for the stars man I always had a feeling, never had a dime but I always had a vision, always have high, high, high hopes"
    - High Hopes
    By Panic! At the disco

  • Blueberry Socks
    Blueberry Socks  a years ago +139

    Girl I got you ❤️Because my bras could be used as elbow pads 😂🤣

  • Chelsea & Franz
    Chelsea & Franz  a years ago +3498

    I always get distracted by how cute the background of your videos are 😍😍😍

  • Woofy Fox
    Woofy Fox  a years ago +51

    The yellow bikini or the black one piece swimsuit.

  • Sugar Cakes2010
    Sugar Cakes2010  2 months ago +14

    Literally nobody:
    Me: the third top piece looks like it was made out of balloons 🎈😂

  • Astrid Muirhead-Maiz
    Astrid Muirhead-Maiz  4 months ago +17

    *self confidence has left the chat*

  • Tiffany Ann
    Tiffany Ann  11 months ago +42

    I love that you made a shout out to your mom that this was for research. My mom is always my inner voice when I spend money!! Who is coincidentally Asian, but still! 😂😂

  • Annie Long
    Annie Long  a years ago +1620

    it's crazy that these were under 10 dollars! LAUR CAN ROCK ANYTHING!

  • Ella Graham10
    Ella Graham10  a years ago +52

    I got bear bear, blue, boo boo, and kiwi a while ago forgot to tell u! They r the best!!!!

  • Cali Girl
    Cali Girl  1 months ago +6

    “Give me all the lumps, because it’s worth it”
    -Laurdiy 2018

  • izzy harris
    izzy harris  8 months ago +36

    Does she remind anyone else of Eva (mylifeaseva)

  • iits Angela
    iits Angela  7 months ago +9

    Me-Mum l just saw an angel
    Mum- don’t be dum,
    ‘Saw Lauren’
    Mum-me too

  • Estere Eglite
    Estere Eglite  a years ago +439

    Other youtubers:Back to school!!
    Lauren:Let’s try on bikinis