Jalen Rose reacts to UNC suspending 13 players for selling team-issued shoes | Get Up! | ESPN

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 7, 2018
  • Jalen Rose shares his honest experience as a student-athlete who profited off of his school-issued gear after hearing about the 13 players suspended by North Carolina for selling their team-issued Nike Jordans.

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  • Idgaf PIRU D.M.B
    Idgaf PIRU D.M.B  2 months ago

    Damn these kids parents should be able to take care of those players. The college already gave them a 4 year scholarship ride for free. Ijs....

  • Super Mega Foxy Awesome Hot

    it would be stupid for those kids to wear the shoes anyway cuz they are so damn valuable

  • Corry Donaldson
    Corry Donaldson  10 months ago

    How the fuck do you get caught selling shoes?

  • Jake Schultheis
    Jake Schultheis  10 months ago

    The players are broke because the ncaa doesn’t pay them, so they gotta sell the shoes so they can eat smh

  • Blair Calaway
    Blair Calaway  a years ago

    J. Rose is too real!! Lol

  • Richard Frye
    Richard Frye  a years ago

    How ghetto these players are they should be suspended for the season.

  • apark02
    apark02  a years ago

    Start paying athletes and get rid of scholarships.

  • john p
    john p  a years ago

    What if the players get a loan against the value of the gear in the secondary market? They can't sell the gear but they can use it for collateral.

  • Pradigy Musicman
    Pradigy Musicman  a years ago

    They are overlooking a simple fact. Non athlete college kids can get paid all year long but not players...

  • Ilsa Gutrune
    Ilsa Gutrune  a years ago

    dont want them to sell things for money? pay them.

  • Keith
    Keith  a years ago

    The NCAA is a cartel...period

  • Jim Scott
    Jim Scott  a years ago

    "I would be a multi-millionaire..." Jalen Rose IS a multi-millionaire...80 million dollars.

  • Kenpachi
    Kenpachi  a years ago

    These heavily recruited athletes should stop going d1 and start going to these smaller schools where the ncaa rules aren't as strict and stop giving exposure to these giants so that their ego could deflate a bit because the schools need the athletes not the other way around...a guy can get a NFL tryout by posting on social media these days

  • Khyron Cooper
    Khyron Cooper  a years ago

    Aye no lie I got a pair

  • Hise Chapman
    Hise Chapman  a years ago

    The school gave the shoes to the player for the purpose of playing the game. If you sell the shoes.... what, you expect the school to give you another pair? That makes no sense.... the shoes were given to the player to play the game. The player compensation is in the form of 20+K/year for room, board, tuition, and an education to serve them beyond their pro careers

  • Aye Bob
    Aye Bob  a years ago

    Sure sell my jersey and I sell your shoe!not like it’s warehouse full of shoes no it’s it is full of jerseys smh

  • Stone Diggy
    Stone Diggy  a years ago

    That tells you these kids are starving out there

  • Tiyana Huggins
    Tiyana Huggins  a years ago

    Whites still making niggas work in field for nothing lol

  • Leonel Lomas
    Leonel Lomas  a years ago

    I agree with everything that’s being said. The NCAA has rules but boy they are ridiculous at times. I remember back in 07 when I was at the Longhorn Lmtd store I bought a game worn Texas Longhorns jersey from the 05-06 season worn by tight end Steve Hogan who was a backup and it had his last name on the back and his #83 on it and just recently I was seeing if I could track him and found out he was a dentist in the Houston area and got in contact with him cause I wanted to give it back to him. He asked how much and I said no charge man it belongs to you. After watching this segment it made me feel like a better person cause I know that the University of Texas just profited off of him

  • DeanDaUsurper Dean

    NCAA is ridiculous