The Jacob Rees-Mogg Show: 26th July 2019 - LBC

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 26, 2019
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  • dave evans
    dave evans  21 days ago

    God, some of these callers think that their so clever, but the MOG is to clever for them.😂😂🇬🇧🇬🇧

  • Russtafa B
    Russtafa B  21 days ago

    Be good to clearly understand his financial interests and how that may affect his decision making?

  • Teresa Lundy
    Teresa Lundy  21 days ago

    The right man for the job Jacob Rees -mogg I feel the country in safe hands now

  • Ho Ming TEC
    Ho Ming TEC  1 months ago

    Brexit party reserve TROOPS 📞 election

  • Taylor
    Taylor  1 months ago

    45:40 caller owned in a very savage manner ! Bravo.

  • M Grey
    M Grey  1 months ago


  • M Grey
    M Grey  1 months ago

    ALL remoaners want another referendum, they all want to ignore the result. It's leave, not half in. Bye bye EU. We've had a referendum, we won, it's no deal and shut up. I would be very angry if there was another referendum and it would be rigged to remain. I just don't trust anyone anymore, so I'm seeing a ray of hope in Boris at the moment, fingers crossed. HA HA I like how he said he can't explain John Major in so many ways. Brilliant!!!

  • Olaf Wilhelm
    Olaf Wilhelm  1 months ago

    BJ is not for nothing a shortcut for another concept.
    Watch BoJo the Bozo betray the people once again.
    I just can not grasp why people voted this treacherous flipfloper into a position like that.

  • 3506Dodge
    3506Dodge  1 months ago

    What a fraud of a human being.

  • MichaelKingsfordGray

    It is remarkable the gems that a Commonwealth "Public School" education can manufacture.
    Confident literate rhetoric is the main gift.

  • Tim Brooks
    Tim Brooks  1 months ago

    18 years, I have heard about kiddy fiddlers getting out in 2years, money money money

  • Goran Zuzul
    Goran Zuzul  1 months ago

    Boris, Nigel and Rees... i think after you pull Brits out of EU nobody will love you anymore, or think you are smart boys... you are not

  • Derek Anthony Farmer

    Nigel Farage and Jacob Rees Mogg both suggested before the Brexit referendum (when they believed they would lose) that if remain won by less than a 60/40 split they would demand another Referendum. So don't blame the Liberal Democrats for once again putting the country before party and following Farage and Moggs advice, because if we crash out ... the U.K. will become a historical foot note of a final nail in the coffin of empires as Scotland gains Independence and Ireland re-unites. Meanwhile as everyone was busy with Brexit, no one noticed the rising tides sinking all shorelines. Peace out everyone.

  • Tony Conrad
    Tony Conrad  1 months ago

    The performance of the tories over the last four years. We have given you gay marriage, greased transgender and are teaching your children about these things. What more could you want?

  • Tuhin Chowdhury
    Tuhin Chowdhury  1 months ago

    This gentleman is absolutely brilliant though don't know why he is backing Boris. UK, one of the leading economy, is not going anywhere with Boris.

  • Renato Lopes
    Renato Lopes  1 months ago

    As some sit in admiration, the pound just keeps dropping...

  • Jacques Riviere
    Jacques Riviere  1 months ago

    JRM Flimflam Extraordinaire👌

  • JB 123
    JB 123  1 months ago

    Jacob is a great person for public service and great choice and appointment by PM Boris.

  • ziggy2009
    ziggy2009  1 months ago

    They are Police Constables. Officers enforcce acts and statutes.

  • Hadrian
    Hadrian  1 months ago +1

    The live chat is extremely autistic.