Rebuilding a Wrecked 2016 Dodge Hellcat Part 6

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 12, 2018
  • Rebuilding a Wrecked 2016 Dodge Hellcat Part 6Merch: me on Snapchat & Instagram: AlexRebuilds Email: requirements.1. Must be subscribed to my YouTube Channel!2. Follow me on Instagram and Snapchat @: AlexRebuilds3. Comment done on this video when you have completed these requirements with either your Instagram or snapchat username so I can contact you if you are the winner.In this video I do the body work on the frame rails and paint the radiator support and crash bar. I also take the car to the paint shot and reveal a little sneak peak of the next car!.


  • Alex Rebuilds  6 months ago

    Part 7 will be up sometime next week. The hellcat is currently getting painted!!

  • Ralpheal King  4 months ago

    Alex Rebuilds how much did you pay for the car and how much do you have in parts

  • Jeffrey Fox  4 months ago

    It says part 6 in the title but you clearly said part 5 in the intro xD

  • 11:20 hey man replace that harmonic balancer!

  • Bryan Williams  27 days ago

    Did I see a Lamborghini or am I going crasy

  • jim sly  6 months ago

    No shit, right? That a nd the AC compressor clutch are all banged up!

  • Kenneth Bartlett  6 months ago

    I am 81 years old, retired 20 years US Army Vietnam vet, and 15 years in law enforcement. I watched the complete series of videos and my only complaint was the damn annoying music, but I got around that by hitting the mute button. This must have cost a small fortune to restore this car. Someone has deep pockets, just seeing all those new parts and the special shops that car went through. Everyone was very professional and knowledgeable . The comments about welding some parts and not replacing them ? He...

  • Ezra Tambo  2 months ago

    @C.K One lack of respect brother

  • Matthew Chevalier  3 months ago

    LOL! The music comment. I salute you, and thank you for your service.

  • crx350x1  6 months ago

    love all the haters and keyboard warriors. The guy is literally showing everything he's doing, even bondo on the framerails. it's not for strength, just makes it look better. He's also replacing way more than he needs to so thumbs up from me! but yes, change that Balancer! lol

  • Robert Verlinden  5 months ago

    Should've put on weld through primer before plug welding that shit together though. Now it's gonna rust from the inside out! Same for the roof, there's no protection between where they drilled and ground on the frame and the roof skin.

  • crx350x1  5 months ago

    @dover0471 exactly. I Have a lot of patience but not enough as this kid!!

  • Sups 12  6 months ago

    13:12 what do you mean by "coolant cooler"? Wouldn't that be a radiator which is definitely not that tiny cooler on the side of the frame rail. Isn't that like a power steering cooler?

  • dover0471  5 months ago

    jim sly you’re correct it’s called an intercooler they also use them for turbos and prochargers

  • stangdriver1996  6 months ago

    its the heat exchanger for the supercharger

  • Richard Cerqueira  6 months ago

    Forgot to paint the inside of those frame rails. Gonna rust from inside out.

  • Jeremy Hundley  5 months ago

    He's in Texas- it'll be totalled again before it sees any rust haha

  • Lindsay Dunson  6 months ago

    i was wondering the samething?

  • ProShotz  6 months ago

    Hey man, so far i love this series just wish you could add some less obnoxious music.

  • Damien Knapp  4 months ago

    @Grizzly Chronic No, u! XD

  • Grizzly Chronic  4 months ago

    That music is cancer

  • Satyajeet Patil  6 months ago

    Beast is like coming to hell, I can't wait more for part 7

  • Robert30632  6 months ago

    11:08 Dont know if you noticed, but your Crank pulley looks a bit damaged. Maybe you should replace it, too. Sorry if I spelled something not the right way, I am German ;)Anyways, Nice work and a very nice car

  • John Wh  6 months ago

    Why bother to put filler on the frame repair? Just protect from rust. The only reason to put filler on a barely visible structural repair would be to disguise the fact that it has been repaired.

  • kennethdante  4 months ago

    C'mon now...there are people who do just enough to get by and others that have to reign in their perfectionism. Diff strokes...some people are actually motivated by pride in doing their best work.. perhaps that's surprising to some :(

  • Everardo Balandran  5 months ago

    If he wants to do the job as clean as possible, why not? It shows dedication and workmanship.