The top 10 best saves of the 2018/19 UEFA Champions League

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 22, 2019


  • J J S  1 months ago

    This video really highlights the quality of the goalkeepers in the premier league

  • Mikael Haque  9 days ago

    Oh ha

  • kamaran hasan  29 days ago

    Premier league is the biggest and best in the world Thanks to VAR no one can complain about ref

  • Toby Biggins  1 months ago

    De gea v Ronaldo is criminally underrated. Unbelivable save from an unbelievable shot

  • Flower Power  1 months ago

    Yeah his Dave was definitely up there with the other Dave's

  • liam connelly  1 months ago

    Kepa made some good saves for chelsea this year... Oh wait

  • Mikael Haque  9 days ago

    Ha ha

  • Mikael Haque  9 days ago

    Oh ha

  • Rhys Roberts  1 months ago

    The fact that De Gea has had a bad season, played in an awful Manchester United team and still has two of the best saves on the list basically sums up his brilliance

  • Olti Zeka  1 months ago

    @Haroon Hassan I'm a United fan too and I agree. I'm surprised he hasn't left yet and I honestly think he deserves to go to a way better club.

  • Haroon Hassan  1 months ago

    I'm utd fan he should leave cause he doesn't deseverve to rot in this pathetic squad

  • MrFishdoggyDog  1 months ago

    The best save was probably Andre Onana but the most important saves would have to be Alisson and Hugo Lloris if they don't make those saves the champions league journey is over

  • Sean  1 months ago

    “ALiSoNs iS sTrAiGhT aT HIm”

  • Zaid Pi  1 months ago

    Alex Thomas still important

  • Tom Kirk  1 months ago

    About 2 people clapped on edersons save 😂

  • Shs dHdh  1 months ago

    That 2 People were Pep and The gk coach

  • RDopey 03  1 months ago

    Lloris one wasn’t really one of the best saves, but definitely one of the most important saves

  • Hfcb Nfcb  a months ago

    No one Cares he has a terrible pen record

  • Thushan. P  1 months ago

    Y did u steal my Instagram pic

  • Jonsey 7  1 months ago

    Pretty sure the shot saved from buffon wasnt even going in

  • Matthew Baum  1 months ago

    It seemed to be lobbing him

  • Khal Drogo  1 months ago

    2:22 ..... *Whats my name*

  • nikr00  1 months ago

    Hahahahahahaha o na na

  • Adam Emm  1 months ago

    Allison's save to deny Lionel Messi would've been a better pick in my opinion.

  • Tyler Beeney  1 months ago

    Umar Chowdhury He did nothing except close down the angle, something U10 goalies can do, and Milik pelted the ball straight at him. That had nothing to do with “hard to pull off”.