Rebuilding A Wrecked 2017 Corvette Z06 Part 11

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 12, 2018
  • I can't believe my eyes! The Z06 is completely back together after its unfortunate accident. We have brought this build a long way and now its time for some fun. We are very happy to share this wonderful journey with you guys and we appreciate all the support! Thanks For Watching!-T-Shirts: A Patron: Fund Me: :


  • Tyric.Phillips
    Tyric.Phillips  a years ago +447

    You guys should take it to the dealership and show them what they helped y'all build.
    Like if you agree!

  • jay west
    jay west  a years ago +165

    Shouldn’t have e said 30k, you’ll end up having to do an engine swap in the Jeep.

  • Michel Laufer
    Michel Laufer  a years ago +62

    Bruh that corvette accident clip was just perfect😂😂

  • Fillow Tree
    Fillow Tree  a years ago +71

    Best YouTube rebuild channel out there. They are constantly putting up new content. Build that garage so you can take it to the next level!!!!

  • Igor Chernyega
    Igor Chernyega  10 months ago +7

    I must say, as great as this is, the best thing to see here is your passion, thirst for learning, great attitude and perseverance to perfect your hobby/ craft. Keep up the great work. What a pleasure to watch.

  • Cali_life_style 95
    Cali_life_style 95  a years ago +92

    My favorite YouTube channel 💯👍🏽

  • Juiceboxx TM
    Juiceboxx TM  a years ago +19

    This channel is going to be a monster. Love it. FYI needs the badges.

  • D M
    D M  a years ago +2

    You guys must be sweating like crazy out there.

  • 512BB
    512BB  a years ago +6

    Love your channel and the content you put on and kudos to you both for your work ethic and making sure that you use OEM or near perfect parts as well as keeping track of them for the buyer. As for the Corvette C7-Z06 I have a few suggestions, but first a disclaimer:
    - Disclosure: I own a Z06 and have worked on these cars and have really looked under and over these cars and I have to say that these things are chuck full of lazy engineering, bad engineering and down outright horrible components and parts. Now that that is out of the way here are a few suggestions:
    1) GM mandates that anytime any part of the aluminum frame is cracked the car must be totalled as they do not recommend or want the frame to be welded or repaired if cracked. You may want to look into that as I know in certain states that must be declared to the buyer as it's a safety issue.
    2) Corvettes are shipped from the factory in the "shipping height" setting, hence why yours and others sit so high. To get the ride height lower, look at the bolt at the end of the leaf springs. You should be able to flip that around or remove a spacer, hence getting the car to its driving height.
    3) I suggest you get an alignment bolt for the wheels (basically a long rod that gets put on one of the wheel bolts in order to alight the wheel to put it on. This is highly highly highly recommended on cars with ceramic/carbon brakes as when you go to put the wheel on and you hit the edge of the rotor it there is a great chance that it will get a small chip and/or crack on the rotor. If that happens, the rotor has to be changed and cannot be repaired (not changing the rotor could result in the rotor breaking under braking - no pun intended).
    Thanks again for a great channel and can't wait for future videos.

  • Jacob Turner
    Jacob Turner  a years ago +2

    I love your guys channel,keep up the good work!!!🔥

  • Edwyn Valenzuela
    Edwyn Valenzuela  a years ago +2

    Y’all need to make a satisfying video washing that F150

  • anh Tran
    anh Tran  2 months ago

    U guys amazing..!
    U put your hands in to broken cars to and the end you got the car safely runs on the road..!! Respect...!! 💯😎😎

  • What's Up
    What's Up  a years ago +7

    Damn I wish u didn’t have to sell your builds 😩

  • Jamari Evans
    Jamari Evans  a years ago +6

    There’s a wrecked challenger in the background at 11:06 . i bet its the next build !👀

  • 5713 Herres
    5713 Herres  a years ago +203

    Where is the corvette badge on the front. Get te carbon fiber one

  • Joe Tucci
    Joe Tucci  a years ago +1

    Love your videos ! Great work makes me wanna buy a wrecked car and rebuild I.T lol

  • cooking with rita
    cooking with rita  a years ago +1

    Great job guys always satisfying watching from Huntsville. ✌

  • Ginger Rides
    Ginger Rides  a years ago +3

    30,000! Likes cmon boys let’s do it goonzsquad!!

  • Billy Masoner
    Billy Masoner  a years ago +2

    You guys should vinyl wrap those fender flares in carbon fiber-look material. It would match the other accents really well!

  • CarPro Installs
    CarPro Installs  a years ago +129

    It always rains right after washing the cars.