DeShaun Watson, Houston Texans 2018 fantasy football preview | Fantasy Focus | ESPN

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
  • Matthew Berry, Field Yates, and Stephania Bell break down DeShaun Watson and the Houston Texans' strengths and weaknesses for the upcoming 2018 fantasy football season.

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  • Eric Phan
    Eric Phan  a years ago

    yates and his eye rolls...grow up kid and learn to listen

  • Ryan B
    Ryan B  a years ago

    Yates takes his job way to serious as if he is a real nfl manager. I don't find berry funny but he acts how you should be when talking about a fantasy game.

  • Travis D
    Travis D  a years ago +2

    Berry... my goodness you are one ugly creature. You need more sleep or something. I thought he may have been drunk or on something. If there's a candidate for chomo it handedly would go to Berry. BTW I agree with whoever said he needs to stop interrupting... I mean who does he think he is? Not witty or funny, rather socially awkward. I'm telling you there's something wrong with this guy.

  • Moses Hamlett
    Moses Hamlett  a years ago

    If he doesn't regress then he will be the greatest QB of all time and break every record imaginable. In other words the safe bet is to say he will regress obviously. Many of my fellow Houston fans get all upset when people say this but yeah, those numbers from last year can't possibly be sustained lol. He may have a few games like that. I put him after Rodgers, Wilson, and Brees as a clean QB#4 at the end of the year. Can't be upset about that if you are a Texans guy.

  • rambam77
    rambam77  a years ago +1

    berry needs to blow into a paper bag and calm the f down, let yates speak

  • unknown territory
    unknown territory  a years ago

    this is his 2nd torn acl. You guys think it wont get torn a 3rd time this year with his wreckless running? GL with that. Hes not getting 5 tds a game anymore. Teams have film on him and will adjust and life is only gonna geth arder for watson. Its why you get so many sophmore slumps from rookies. Teams adjust to how they play. He will struggle and if he doens't it don't matter hes going to get hurt again trying to take on linebackers.

  • Arian Profit
    Arian Profit  a years ago on Fullers production in relation to his games missed. Berry didn’t acknowledge that. And the Texans D has transformed & recovered w/ RAC, Matthew

  • Justin Bernard
    Justin Bernard  a years ago +1

    I was crying when Berry kept interrupting Field Yates 😂😂

    That face tho

  • packerd00
    packerd00  a years ago

    Ive got Miller as one of my 4 RB Keepers,he's a good depth guy.

  • cartel937
    cartel937  a years ago +2

    berry is annoying

  • David
    David  a years ago +3

    I'm no Texans fan but I'm really excited for Watson, Hopkins and Miller

  • wikedwun
    wikedwun  a years ago +2

    Scooped up Watson in all 3 of my leagues last year. I was dominating every week and was coasting to #1 seed and then RIP my szn when he went down

  • P V
    P V  a years ago +22

    yates is boutta hop across the desk and choke matthew

  • Don Michael Vickers

    Don't worry about QBs in fantasy, unless you're in a 2qb league.

  • EverythingSport Ricky

    Did a mock draft PPr style for anyone interested and that needs some extra help :

  • Error 15513
    Error 15513  a years ago

    I believe Watson will be a star but you can’t deny is shady injury history which a lot of people don’t know about,
    Broken collarbone before his freshman season
    Broken finger freshman year
    Torn ACL freshman year
    Healthy for next 2 years
    Torn ACL nfl
    He will make it if he’s stays healthy which sadly is nearly out of his control.

  • Cole Kasbarian
    Cole Kasbarian  a years ago +3

    Speaking of that top tier of players, where is OBJ?

  • golden Warrior
    golden Warrior  a years ago

    Empty stadiums a couple of years and ticket will go down and players will go back to playing only

  • golden Warrior
    golden Warrior  a years ago

    Who cares what players have to say fans over pay them to chase a ball . Protest on there own time

  • golden Warrior
    golden Warrior  a years ago

    The true hero is standing there at attention he can't kneel remember the NFL strikes fans have the power