New Year's Eve Cocktail - You suck at Cooking (episode 29)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 31, 2015
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  • Kenneth McCarty
    Kenneth McCarty  3 years ago +2585

    what do you do if the mother lime comes back?

  • crash979797
    crash979797  3 years ago +2313

    Someone should have ran up in a lime suit and attacked you.

  • Dain Phillips
    Dain Phillips  3 years ago +1962

    This has to be the best cooking channel on YouTube. I don't even like to cook but I always watch your videos

  • Teddypal
    Teddypal  3 years ago +546

    If you take all the limes, they don't grow up to make more limes. This is how over harvesting makes limes extinct. "Leave a lime" is your motto.

  • Diddly Doo
    Diddly Doo  2 years ago +511

    so this is what a starving college student looks like.

  • - •- runic - • -
    - •- runic - • -  3 years ago +642

    Sorry, I'm vegetarian and so I can't condone the hunting of these poor limes. Is there a kind of fake lime product I could buy so I can still make this cocktail?

  • Thomas Nguyen
    Thomas Nguyen  3 years ago +411

    honestly i thought when you where going to grab some water, i thought you'd just grab a clean water bottle in the mucky water rather than "purifying" it xD

  • Quirky Ness
    Quirky Ness  3 years ago +148

    Is it bad that I'm attracted to your hands, voice, and delicious sarcasm
    No, it's not

  • Ambrose Leahy
    Ambrose Leahy  3 years ago +571

    You must live in real fertile country!!! All I ever find while foraging is hot pockets and twinkies...

  • Nathan Zigler
    Nathan Zigler  3 years ago +258

    I screwed up. I've been caught by the mother lime, she's got the snout of a bloodhound and i'm currently treed. Her constant onslaught of lime rind squirts have left my eyes red and burning. She's a vicious mother. Thank Christ limes didn't evolve the ability to climb trees!
    The sound of screaming lime babies is driving me into madness...must fight the urge to drown them in my bucket of pond water.
    The squirrels have joined my cause. Our agreement was a simple one. In exchange for a bottomless bowl of peanuts, the most racist of the legumes, the squirrels are to inform the neighboring grapefruit colony of a lime invasion.
    War will be waged. A single lime has no chance against hundreds of grapefruit warriors. Ha!

  • Savina Zúñiga
    Savina Zúñiga  3 years ago +111

    I like them stickers, I mean, birth marks on the limes

  • TheRealrand01
    TheRealrand01  3 years ago +150

    what if the limes don't have stickers on them

  • Wizard Johnson
    Wizard Johnson  3 years ago +157

    1:40 Maple Syrup?
    Yup you're Canadian.

    SV COCONUT  3 years ago +491

    omg it's past 2am and i have work wtf am i doing TT_TT...
    *continues watching his videos bc they're utter amazing..ness*

  • Philipp Leindl
    Philipp Leindl  3 years ago +32

    so glad somebody took the time to teach the good old ways of making a cocktail to the younger generations. thanks for keeping up the tradition!

  • Jacobs Art
    Jacobs Art  3 years ago +203

    i love youuuu. how do u do those tricks??!

  • rochat
    rochat  3 years ago +17

    Limes don't have nests you dummy. Only lemons have nests. What kind of operation is this?

  • Getini
    Getini  yesterday +2

    Now watching the newest time a lime appeared , it seems like by look that the
    lime mom was a mom to the babies in this video
    lime moms don’t forgot when you steal their babies 3 years later
    be scared.

  • Jade Sea Lahgic
    Jade Sea Lahgic  3 years ago +55

    Do we need to watch out for the ice mom or have they all gone extinct?

  • nickability
    nickability  3 years ago +34

    After this whole year, I still can't get your "bean dip" song out of my head.
    Thanks for the great content though and Happy New Year!