Filibuster: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 8, 2019
  • John Oliver explains why filibusters exist, why they shouldn't, and why it's stupid to drink coffee like a cat.

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  • Elizabeth Powell
    Elizabeth Powell  20 hours ago

    John, no one is happy when I start gleefully rapping Hamilton. You lied.

  • Stalin
    Stalin  yesterday

    Will someone just assassinate Mitch McConnel already?

  • Yamitaicho
    Yamitaicho  2 days ago

    It's treason then.

  • baverfjant
    baverfjant  3 days ago

    I've seen some elderly people drink coffee from a saucer here in Sweden, when I was young I thought they were just slurping up whatever they had spilled from their cups onto the saucer lol.

  • dannyboymac
    dannyboymac  4 days ago +1

    My god john every time you use dutch ppl as a joke, you make us sound like scandinavians.

  • Alvydas Straksys
    Alvydas Straksys  7 days ago

    O.K. Maybe , it is a time for an action.

  • Rusty Shacklford
    Rusty Shacklford  7 days ago +2

    Okay John, I understand your point in this video. But talk shit on Chasing Amy, and we’re gonna have a serious problem. For one, Alyssa has an entire speech about how being gay is a part of who she is and she can’t change it for Ben Affleck’s benefit. Then, she talks about how she came to the conclusion that she was lesbian because she had no positive examples of female/male love, and realized she was limiting herself by this line of thought. Then, she admits that she was always bisexual, fucked a ton of dudes in high school, and then just kinda gave it up for practical reasons. There’s also a whole conversation about how hypocritical it is of Ben to like her less when he realizes he isn’t the first man she’s been with, and that specifically calls out the trope of “turning a lesbian”. I can tolerate a lot man, but I will not stand for the continued blasphemy of Chasing Amy, a fucking great movie!

  • Per Du
    Per Du  7 days ago

    13:17 was so stupid that youtube's automatic subtitling gave up and just wrote [Music]

  • TehNinjaFlute
    TehNinjaFlute  7 days ago

    Honestly, I'm cool with sharing my view on getting rid of filibusters, or at least restricting them, with Trump because the Senate is now essentially a playground of toddlers who get to cry and shit themselves whenever one side doesn't get what it wants. And they get paid good money for that nonsense. A single mom working 2 jobs at 60 hours per week likely made less in a day than Ted Cruise did in the 5 minutes it took him to read a goddamn Dr. Suess book to a room of "adults."
    They need to get their shit together, learn to compromise, and do actual work that taxpayers are expecting from them. If the rest of us worked the way the Senate does, we'd have been fired and replaced within 6 months.

  • Scott Kelly
    Scott Kelly  7 days ago

    :15 in.... YOU??? Grew up with Schoolhouse Rock? Honestly?

  • notfree25
    notfree25  7 days ago +1

    I know all about filibusters John. I watched parks and rec

  • sol walker
    sol walker  7 days ago +1

    There's no caramel in a milky way John sort it out

  • Sean C
    Sean C  7 days ago

    Fun fact; as stated by John here the first example of a filibuster in the United States Senate is from 1837, but what isn't mentioned is the fact that it only even became possible due to changes in the Senate rules made in 1806, and is very much NOT a part of the Constitution. Worse yet it's because of this tactic that the 3/5ths super-majority has since become the de-facto requirement for essentially all (excluding budgetary) major legislation to pass.

  • Richard Wilson
    Richard Wilson  7 days ago

    Jimmy Stewart was the best bitch!

  • JC Holmanation
    JC Holmanation  7 days ago +2

    We've always done it this way and refuse to change should be America's slogan.

  • Dan Jakeway
    Dan Jakeway  7 days ago

    Let this late shin? What's this have to do with your plan to grate shin in the future? I can't see the TV, I lost my spectacles again.

  • Michael Purser
    Michael Purser  7 days ago +2

    It makes me laugh when Americans say they have the best something or the only another in the world when so many of them can't find themselves on a map, nevermind compare their system to those of other countries (some of which have better systems).

  • Justin Fair
    Justin Fair  7 days ago +1

    2:43 "i didn't know there were dutch pirates"
    i think someone wasn't paying attention to history classes, cause pirates are like the biggest thing there after tulips in 16-17c.

  • Daniel Berry
    Daniel Berry  7 days ago

    gridlock is a feature, not a bug

  • nox 333
    nox 333  14 days ago

    Jon Oliver. You're English how dare you not know about pouring tea into the saucer!! Have you never seen last of the summer wine?