Filibuster: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 8, 2019
  • John Oliver explains why filibusters exist, why they shouldn't, and why it's stupid to drink coffee like a cat.

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  • Mat AIne
    Mat AIne  3 hours ago +1

    As long as the zionists run the gov, media, companies etc. , the usa is doomed.

    UMICL  7 hours ago +1

    14:34 wait is that a white guy in blackface

  • Mark Hashman
    Mark Hashman  14 hours ago +1

    The number of times I jumped back to 11:49 has surpassed the number of times Ted Geisel somersaulted in his grave during that blustering filibuster (filibluster?) session.

  • Maya Deslilas
    Maya Deslilas  17 hours ago

    So Mitch what's-his-face wanted to block the green new deal and called himself the grim reaper? Man, he didn't even bother to do a sh*tty pun and say he was the green reaper

  • Bthsr71
    Bthsr71  17 hours ago

    I can see reasons for keeping the filibuster, namely to check the power of any political party that gets too much power from moving ahead with legislation unopposed. That said, with how much use it's seeing to just flat out stop legislation from ever moving forward in the process, I feel that it might be time to test whether the other safeguards against consolidated political power are enough. Then again, with all the current and recent attacks on the separation of powers, I am hesitant. On the other hand, with the current state of the climate, the lack of protection for the people, the growing power of businesses, and the global diminishing of stability and peaceful international relations, our government has a lot to do and very little time to do it.

  • Sho Am
    Sho Am  17 hours ago

    So, is that the original purpose of the saucer? TIL..

  • Andrés Falcone
    Andrés Falcone  18 hours ago

    Honestly, Americans need to stop thinking that their Constitution, political traditions and the wishes of the founding fathers are holy and should remain untouched. They're stucked with many laws and institutions from the 18th century that have no justification today, and can't do anything about it because it's almost impossible to change them. Maybe it's time to do as most countries do from time to time (including very stable and serious democracies), and make a new Constitution. That doesn't mean flushing the current one down the toilet. All the parts that are still good can be kept in a new one.

  • Harsh Raythattha
    Harsh Raythattha  19 hours ago +2

    I want to say that I agree with this video, but I also want to call out a bit of the bias in it. I know this is an extremely liberal talk show so I understand. ( Don't call me out lol I like this show which is why I'm commenting) When he says that we should care that Republicans want it too, and we should be worried about Republican laws getting passed I want to say I disagree a bit. Because honestly getting rid of the filibuster isn't about one side getting the advantage over the other. It's about removing an unfair policy that affects the passing of any law. Democrats are probably just as guilty of filibusters as Republicans. But both versions of filibuster are unfair to each other. To be completely fair both must not get the right to filibuster. And we need to start passing laws. Id honestly rather have a republican law passed rather than have the filibuster in place allowing for no laws to be passed at all, because at least if the law is passed and it doesn't work we can get rid of it whereas not doing anything gets nothing done. This is called progress. With the filibuster, we have no progress. A famous general once said "making the wrong decision is better than making no decision at all". If you fail, you can fix it. If you don't do anything....well you're at a standstill forever. If you read all this thank you!

  • Carlos Nieblas
    Carlos Nieblas  23 hours ago

    this show can be biased as fuck, but i still love this show

  • Sharad Kazimi
    Sharad Kazimi  23 hours ago

    How did John zip his pants without using his hands? He should go back to the Stephen Colbert Mime School.

  • Indroneil Biswas
    Indroneil Biswas  yesterday +1

    Sipping out of a saucer... clearly you haven’t been to my home country, Ollie

  • Neil Stone
    Neil Stone  yesterday

    The rock makes me question my sexuality

  • Elizabeth Vanesian

    Rand Paul eating that candy bar is me

  • armaximogen
    armaximogen  yesterday

    We still use saucer to cool coffee down here in Indonesia, it’s the “traditional” way of drinking coffee..

  • senseamp
    senseamp  yesterday

    Dems should nuke the filibuster first thing, pack the courts second thing.

  • Clayton Jones
    Clayton Jones  yesterday

    There are plenty of things historically considered okay that could possibly do with revision in the modern United States of America

  • C M C
    C M C  yesterday

    his father is german Trumf what literally means Trump

  • Greetings from Cascadia

    Pouring your coffee from the cup onto a saucer, then drinking from the saucer...seems a bit redundant.

  • Tejas Nair
    Tejas Nair  yesterday

    15:39 he meant his foreskin

  • Trevor Wong
    Trevor Wong  yesterday

    Excuse me but has he seen chasing Amy cause that’s not what happens in the ducking movie