Russ - Tell Me Why (Official Audio)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 26, 2018
  • get this song : @russdiemon instagram : @russ facebook : @russtheoneSong produced by Dartlin @dartlin


  • BLAQK !  11 months ago

    How many people love RUSS?

  • 반디캠  4 months ago


  • Cisco Diaz  8 months ago

    I fw him lol

  • Esmeee be sippin tea  11 months ago

    Am I the only one who notices X vibes?

  • Haitam  1 months ago

    cuz of shiloh

  • Jaime Muro  1 months ago

    I was the 420th like 👍👽

  • youngdaggerruss  11 months ago

    Who's fav rappers are Russ And XXXTentacion

  • Helbert  22 days ago

    This is a complete L comment

  • MAKE OUT HILL  1 months ago

    Both nibba

  • Lopez  11 months ago

    Shiloh anyone ?

  • Kiran Middleton  2 months ago

    @Jover Alano the "tell me why i'm waiting" part is a sample from shiloh, the rest is russ

  • Error404_ Lofi  7 months ago


  • Punit Joshi  11 months ago

    Russ is better than lil pump

  • Mystic Hyper  18 days ago

    @Lania Hart shut up u got 6 subs

  • Toby Kirkpatrick  a months ago

    Not 1 dislike keep it up russ vitale

  • Snøw  11 months ago


  • Alex’s Life  7 months ago

    Nomadx83 tell me it’s on instagram

  • Jada Chai  8 months ago

    SsNiPezZ Exactly what I was wondering

  • David Hernandez  11 months ago

    Russ is the wave? Nah, Russ is the tsunami

  • Kenneth Hart  5 days ago

    Russ been slept on way to hard !!! He that ishhja

  • Alex Hans  4 months ago

    David Hernandez call that shit pyro

  • Antonio Morales  11 months ago

    Why does this sound close to XXXtentacion song “waiting”

  • Haitam  1 months ago

    cuz its shiloh's song

  • Emily P  2 months ago

    Cuz russ copied him

  • A-Ryan  11 months ago

    *Russ and X shouldve made a song together... Long Live Jahseh!*

  • Song Playlist  21 days ago

    r6s elite I wish i could be your shooter fuck ass bitch

  • Suhad Awadi  3 months ago

    nah really tho they should have

  • YourAverageGuy  11 months ago

    Watch you back upKnow you’re scared to love againEvery time you try, part of you just dies, you lookin dumb againIt’s so hard to trust againSo just like that you don’t (uh)You 'gon just get drunk again roll up and fuckin' smoke (uh)That one used to beat on youThat one used to cheat on youThe only one that cared, you ain’t believe him so he’s leavin youAin’t no family round youAin’t no friends that you can trustAin’t no love within yourselfBut ain’t no way I’m giving up (come on)[Chorus: R...