TWICE "Feel Special" M/V

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  • Published on:  Monday, September 23, 2019
  • TWICE "Feel Special" M/V


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    Feel Special

    2019.09.23 MON 6PM(KST)

    #TWICE #트와이스 #FeelSpecial

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  • rob_jeongmi
    rob_jeongmi  3 minutes ago

    Of the creator Jeongyeon ''la la la crap your hands'', comes out ''Feer so especiaaaarrrrr''🤣❤️❤️

  • BomBaramBoram o
    BomBaramBoram o  7 minutes ago

    hey happy 100m FS! damn that seems fast? lol I never remember these stats

  • Leor Levy
    Leor Levy  11 minutes ago

    At start I was like "Meh, pretty decent song." After the second listen I understood what this is all about and how it is connected to twice. Now, after Sulli passed away I can actually connect with this song.

  • Mayet Abayon
    Mayet Abayon  16 minutes ago

    waiting for their music show wins surpass gg. ps, dont hate me im just stating my feelings

  • Deivid Barros
    Deivid Barros  19 minutes ago

    That music is better than breakthrough

  • Penguin Lover363
    Penguin Lover363  30 minutes ago

    how do they look so good in everything that they wear, they really are special xD

  • Bri Khamp
    Bri Khamp  30 minutes ago +1

    After Sulli's passing this song brings its purpose forward. You have to appreciate Twice for this song and JYP for properly taking care of Mina but it's continuing to spread love and make each other Feel Special onwards that will be the biggest obstacle. Please know you are loved, beautiful, and special. If you need someone to talk to reach out. Don't let it consume you. 🌹 Thank you Twice

  • Lee Ai
    Lee Ai  32 minutes ago

    this song should win song of the year and twice will be artist of the year. no doubt our girls did really something way better this year than any other groups.

  • 송용식
    송용식  32 minutes ago +1

    Feel Special 104m ~~ go go fighting

  • 송용식
    송용식  33 minutes ago


  • 송용식
    송용식  34 minutes ago +1


  • Twice Once
    Twice Once  35 minutes ago +1

    Twice best girl group

  • Twice Once
    Twice Once  35 minutes ago

    Although I'm having exam I still steaming hhhh

  • vh gloss
    vh gloss  36 minutes ago +1

    Never listened to them before but I love it. The production is insane and they're all so beautiful :)

  • amo bts
    amo bts  37 minutes ago +2

    who is once likes this comment

  • Hadia Bnh
    Hadia Bnh  39 minutes ago +1

    The v13ws are stuck in 103,268,794 for 28min

  • Rosé Kim •ω•
    Rosé Kim •ω•  46 minutes ago

    Amee!!! La letra

  • Hadia Bnh
    Hadia Bnh  49 minutes ago

    Likey: 150M in 72 days Feel special 150M in ?? days
    200 M in 4months and 7 days 200M in ??
    Let's break likey's record

  • william mcintosh
    william mcintosh  49 minutes ago +2

    i only recently started listening to twice (and kpop in general) but i’m really enjoying them! this is the first time i’ve seen the actual lyrics and this song hit so hard! 🥺