Binging with Babish: Cannoli from The Godfather

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 5, 2018
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    "Leave the gun, take the cannoli" - is there a more iconic line spoken in Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather? I mean, apart from almost every other line of dialogue? In a film defined by its own endless defining moments, food still manages to stand out as a memorable supporting character. I mean, it wouldn't be much of an Italian mobster film without it.

    Music: "Juparo" by Broke for Free

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  • Scott Bradley
    Scott Bradley  10 hours ago

    2 am, it's that time of night again to binge the babish

  • Shona Palmer
    Shona Palmer  6 days ago

    Please make something from Brooklyn 99

  • Kate Sclabassi
    Kate Sclabassi  7 days ago

    I'm disappointed there were no Nic Cage references at the end there....

  • Johnsons Green
    Johnsons Green  7 days ago

    also make the food that killed Portobello ❤️

  • Rylan
    Rylan  14 days ago

    4:41 i thought that was what i wasn't supposed to do

  • GMP
    GMP  14 days ago

    There is a Cannoli showen in the third Part of the Godfather.

  • King Jimmy Un-Author-ized

    Meh. Dough was dry and almost impossible to use because it kept cracking when I rolled it out. I had to add a tad bit of milk to get it to stick. Probably needed a second egg. Also, the filling was a big on the thin side and grainy. This was probably due to the cinnamon powder. Probably would be better using cinnamon oil like some other recipes suggest. I’ll have to pass on this recipe in the future.

  • Eric Mustardman
    Eric Mustardman  14 days ago +2

    Leave the gun. Take the canoli. - An all-time classic!

  • Game Boy
    Game Boy  21 days ago

    In the word "cannoli" the n's are very pronounced and the o is open

  • Braincube 013
    Braincube 013  21 days ago +3

    The Godfather is....... well....... G Ø D T Î Ë R....

    the game on the Wii was SUPER 🔥 as well.

  • Specter Bro
    Specter Bro  21 days ago

    "I'm Giorno Giovanna, and I want a cannoli"

  • Mika Rose
    Mika Rose  21 days ago

    Cooking with lard just tastes better tbh

  • Qahar Raheel
    Qahar Raheel  21 days ago

    My piping game is on point ;)

  • Frank Militello
    Frank Militello  21 days ago

    My mom used to make a Sicilian version called giardooni (I probably spelled that wrong). Her ricotta mix had vanilla & sugar with some finely grated chocolate mixed in. I think the shells were baked and then rolled on to a bed of crushed nuts (almonds if I remember correctly.)

  • Adam Nelson
    Adam Nelson  21 days ago

    Perfect canoli fucking ruined with powdered sugar topping.

  • marty mcdemarco
    marty mcdemarco  21 days ago

    i just discovered this channel. nothing i love more than food and films. ...and comedic commentary.

  • Dmarcus Baus
    Dmarcus Baus  21 days ago

    Can you make a Shinebox?

  • In2Silver
    In2Silver  28 days ago

    it takes 2 days to make them and 2 minutes to eat them

  • Martial Autist
    Martial Autist  28 days ago

    The dough for mine turned out dry and unusable both times I tried it. The filling is fire, though.

  • Robert Simon
    Robert Simon  28 days ago +1

    Maybe the chili fries from Ben 10?