Wily Boly scores last-second equalizer for Wolves against Newcastle | Premier League | NBC Sports



  • Tyler J. Reynolds  (Feb 11, 2019))

    HERE because they didn't show this goal on the extended highlights -____-

  • WorldIsFilledB  (Feb 11, 2019))

    I think we all are 😂😂

  • Sanzzz  (Feb 11, 2019))

    Tyler J. Reynolds They took the video down😂

  • Kevin Schweickert  (Feb 11, 2019))

    He did the Pickford

  • Kendrick Mott  (Feb 11, 2019))

    +Eric Henderson tf? +4 minutes mean +4 minutes. It's a minimum and a maximum. You should know that. If it was only a minimum, then a referee could make the game go on for over 10 hours of stoppage time because he supports the team that was losing, and will only the the full time whistle when his team wins. Come on.

  • Eric Henderson  (Feb 11, 2019))

    +Kendrick Mott 4 minutes is a minimum of added time, not a limit

  • James Coyne  (Feb 11, 2019))

    How? How do you not punch that away?

  • Jonathan Walker  (Feb 11, 2019))

    Kendrick Mott No contact again no excuse

  • Kendrick Mott  (Feb 11, 2019))

    Because Boly fouled Dubravka

  • Geologically  (Feb 11, 2019))

    Referee is lit

  • Tim  (Feb 11, 2019))

    Dubravka's goalkeeping abilities are about as weak as Martin Tylers commentary on the goal. He's a legend but he doesn't have the same energy anymore it seems

  • Kendrick Mott  (Feb 11, 2019))

    Dubravka's a good goalie but, I think that he lost his confidence. A good win or a morale boost would mean that he can get back to his great form

  • duvalin50  (Feb 11, 2019))

    That's a foul he put his hand on him. He prevent the goalie to jump higher, also blocked his vision some. I like wolves rally ups and support them. This refs need to do better though...

  • WorldIsFilledB  (5 days ago))

    Kendrick Mott no time wasting but you are forgetting the subHow convenient for you lolUse your head mate 😂😂😢😂🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • WorldIsFilledB  (5 days ago))

    duvalin50 not all contact with a keeper is a foul you loser lol

  • Ivan Storey  (Feb 11, 2019))

    See he flopped and tried to get the foul... That's what happens when you are a dirty player

  • Mike Lobo  (Feb 11, 2019))

    Lucky , but that’s football for you .

  • Os o  (Feb 11, 2019))

    Since jimenez didn't score he's a tronco again

  • Angel Garcia  (Feb 11, 2019))

    Os o nah he’s ok

  • Os o  (Feb 11, 2019))

    +Angel Garcia no he's garbage as a Mexican I must hate on the national player

  • feefs films  (Feb 11, 2019))

    wheres the second goal?

  • Cam Mori-Khan  (Feb 11, 2019))

    feefs films ur watching it

  • Kendrick Mott  (Feb 11, 2019))

    The final score was 1-1