The Outer Worlds Review

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 22, 2019
  • Classic RPG sensibilities enhance wonderful characters, punchy combat, and consistently excellent writing in this sharp space Western.


  • N7Gambler
    N7Gambler  10 hours ago

    For a game that has different planets to explore it feels a lot smaller than it is.

  • IndieDenma
    IndieDenma  2 days ago

    You HAVE to up you FOV dude...

  • Erik Molnar
    Erik Molnar  3 days ago

    So far, what I have played, is nothing on the level of Fallout! More like Borderlands. I hope it gets better because after 30 minutes, the story isn't that good, the landscape is nothing new and I'm bored af.

  • Keen On Travel
    Keen On Travel  3 days ago

    I got bored with it....

  • Reed A.
    Reed A.  4 days ago

    Felix is naive?! Not Parvati? Lok this is just giving Obsidian nerds what they want to hear.

  • Reed A.
    Reed A.  4 days ago

    Overrated as hell. Ok game.

  • RubberBand Clan
    RubberBand Clan  4 days ago

    What language is this game? Flopanize?

  • xx xx
    xx xx  5 days ago

    similar to cyberpunk?

  • Dylan Stipe
    Dylan Stipe  5 days ago

    My first play through was pretty short even after completing 90% of the side quests but I am just so happy to finally have a spiritual successor to new vegas! Thank you Obsidian, please continue to keep this genre but still expand on the world you're building. Stay humble with it.

  • Evil V
    Evil V  5 days ago

    I love this game haven’t slept in days. This is how it’s done.

  • jack's smirking revenge

    Time for Bethesda to hand over the franchise...

  • The Chief
    The Chief  7 days ago

    Is this game worth my time and money?
    Sell me and I’ll go buy it right now

  • Jism
    Jism  7 days ago

    This game is good but I like fallout more

  • dannny3g
    dannny3g  7 days ago

    I relized i played from 1pm to 12am sunday, tired and I didn’t want to stop! Im hooked! Outer Worlds pulled me in and my apex friends were like bro? I can’t sorry 😂. Bethesda who! If you haven’t get it, its worth every penny ❤️

  • Auto Focus
    Auto Focus  7 days ago

    “And you are unshutupable” 🤣

  • Hellspectre1
    Hellspectre1  7 days ago

    I dont understand why people compare this to Fallout since the Fallout series have always had this heavy post apocalyptic feeling to it. This game however looks like it sets place in the year 2400 or something so the atmosphere is missing. Not going to buy it I'll stick to Fallout 3 and NV

  • Sandeep Das
    Sandeep Das  7 days ago

    Frankly it's more hyped than actually what it is. I played for about 10 hours let's say it's not immersive. The maps are neither so good nor good on eyes. I think that the fact it's not open world is a pretty big deal for a game like that. The weapon crafting is just so lame. Just think what Skyrim did ages ago is still better.

  • Hyper -X-
    Hyper -X-  7 days ago

    I don't get the hype for this game rn. It feels so bland, movement feels stiff as hell and the textures look shitty. The story is pretty good but graphically I'm not seeing it

  • Kekistan Soldier
    Kekistan Soldier  7 days ago

    Im checking out reviews while my game downloads, I’m deadass gonna shit myself from the quality im seeing

  • Nat Sashikata
    Nat Sashikata  7 days ago

    Does it have bugs of a fall out game? Bethesda trademark are bugs