iPhone Xs vs X - Worth Upgrading?



  • Anna
    Anna  46 minutes ago

    Still have a 6s and it’s fine 🙂 not gonna spend £1,000 on a phone 😕

  • Kaiden Bobb
    Kaiden Bobb  an hour ago

    The price to fix the glass on the 10 is the price of the seven. By lowering the prices your making people ignore your expensive as hell products

  • ftlaud dude
    ftlaud dude  an hour ago

    6S is still going strong 💪

  • أحمد محمود

    What's the best iPhone X or iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone XR?

  • law2181
    law2181  an hour ago

    Man there are too many adverts. Every other minute!

  • Daniel Hamilton
    Daniel Hamilton  2 hours ago

    To many ads

  • Nine Dnine
    Nine Dnine  3 hours ago

    Apple put glass on both sides of the the phone & then charges when it breaks. Kiss my ass ill keep my 7plus

  • Nine Dnine
    Nine Dnine  3 hours ago

    What a fan boy......every other reviewers said there are no difference

  • Kaelyn Davis
    Kaelyn Davis  3 hours ago

    well I'm over here still with the iPhone 6s , so i think i am going to upgrade.

  • Axnfell
    Axnfell  4 hours ago

    Too many advert breaks ruin this video

  • Claire Justice
    Claire Justice  5 hours ago

    I’ll wait for the IPhone Xs PLUS

  • Robert white
    Robert white  5 hours ago

    $1300 whyyyyyyyyy. I'm crying.....

  • NM_KNG__
    NM_KNG__  5 hours ago

    Lmao I got a galaxy note 9 ad and it'd about, how Samsung's battery lasts longer then iphone

  • Wall Street
    Wall Street  6 hours ago

    Nokia 3310 still going strong since year 1997

  • Daniel Joseph
    Daniel Joseph  6 hours ago

    I’ll keep my X

  • Aronne Powell
    Aronne Powell  7 hours ago

    IOS 13?

  • Confederate Texas
    Confederate Texas  7 hours ago

    Innovation died with Steve jobs

  • eggsoos for b'fast

    i have 6s right now which I have been using since 2016, should I buy iPhone Xs or iPhone X???

  • silent0steele
    silent0steele  7 hours ago

    iPhone Nike Air Max doesn’t come with AirPods?!?! I’ll keep my iPhone X. Apple please don’t tell me it’s future proof. Unless there is no new IPhone next year.

  • Jeffrey Bousquet
    Jeffrey Bousquet  9 hours ago

    Everything apple
    Currently have iPhone 8. Should I upgrade to the XS, or save some money and just go with the X since the differences are not very substantial