Microsoft Secrets! E3 2018!

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 11, 2018
  • Hanging out with some friends at E3 2018 Day 1!
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  • Tate and Kate
    Tate and Kate  4 months ago

    My dad is friends with someone you know, and he's gonna try to hook me up at e3 or when you're down here in Seattle so I can try and meet you!!!

  • Puppetboy Miguel
    Puppetboy Miguel  a years ago

    What's up!!!! iJustine, I heard that your a apple fan girl at a "Mircosoft event"

  • Frappelychee
    Frappelychee  a years ago

    Long Live iJustine !! :') 🖤

  • LiL RoY
    LiL RoY  a years ago +1

    Ed is such a funny guy...

  • kayla Barnes
    kayla Barnes  a years ago

    Its called ice Cali girl. 😜

    THE LEGEND PLAYER  a years ago

    I love u justine

  • simon M
    simon M  a years ago

    This girl is so Full of yourself. Sorry dar but your famous Just because your beauty.

  • alekzz is rec
    alekzz is rec  a years ago

    Rezzpekt !! Apple Microsoft Reunion !!

  • Arihant Sharma
    Arihant Sharma  a years ago

    She's the female version of Rahul gandhi

  • Tada_
    Tada_  a years ago

    I wonder how much MS pay you. You used to promote CoD when Activision had contract with XBox. Now PS4 is the winner and you don't play CoD anymore. It's all about $$$ eh?

  • scotty thompson
    scotty thompson  a years ago +1

    cool microsoft talk justine i like microsoft they used to make nokia lumia phone and microsoft lumia phones

  • marksapollo
    marksapollo  a years ago

    They must sooo nervous before getting in the state, Phil must take a huge chill pill! A theatre with a few thousand people and live streaming to millions globally! That’s tough.

  • Sabawoon sahel
    Sabawoon sahel  a years ago

    Hi ❤️❤️
    I like your chainal

  • Mac Mac
    Mac Mac  a years ago

    iJustine is a fake gamers. She’s getting old as well.

  • JohnPaul Music UK
    JohnPaul Music UK  a years ago

    7:15 in.. Ed’s like ‘yeah, thanks for that’ look! Hahahahaha! Made me laugh out loud on a train and freaked an old lady out and had to apologise in a very British way! Haha.

  • Ken
    Ken  a years ago

    Its funny because MS pulled out all the stops to reveal tons of games that is virtually non exclusives and will either be delayed indefintely or be cancelled.

  • RTI Century
    RTI Century  a years ago

    Selamat hari raya aidilftiri

  • SoCal Rc Guy
    SoCal Rc Guy  a years ago

    That guy is funny and so cool for being so real, who is he , the guy who cried

  • Burning Flame
    Burning Flame  a years ago

    Justine your on Tv when they where reviewing E3

  • Martin marty
    Martin marty  a years ago