Scotty McCreery - This Is It

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 26, 2018
  • Scotty McCreery’s new album ‘Seasons Change’ is available now: Store: Music: (CD): Exclusive Vinyl w/ Signed Insert: Jeff RayFollow Scotty:www.scottymccreery.comFacebook:


  • Morrow John  8 months ago

    Scotty and josh turner should sing together like if you agree

  • Mandy Boggs  10 days ago

    They sang on American idol and they did amazing it would be cool if they put a song out they are both amazing

  • Ian McKeown  1 months ago

  • April Hall  8 months ago

    His reaction to seeing her walk down the aisle 😭❤

  • Hope Sandoval  24 days ago

    That's love. Right there.

  • #TEAM TRUMP  a months ago

    That moment

  • TheDuck8185  6 months ago

    Poor ole Scotty doesnt get near the radio time he deserves, it's too much like real country instead of this new garbage. I'll hear him maybe once a week on the radio while they play that damn tequila song 6 times a day.

  • Salvador Gomez  13 hours ago

    I feel you!

  • Jessica Brown  3 days ago

    Well post your real pictures show your face mate and genie let's do this Date you

  • ICOMEOUTSMOKIN  2 months ago

    Danced with my wife to this song at our wedding reception on 4/27!!!!

  • Ashley Hannigan  12 days ago


  • ompgirl 1  18 days ago

    Happy 2 months brother👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Zoe Johnson  8 months ago

    May you all have "This is it" moments in life! This is it!

  • Ashley Hannigan  12 days ago

    Same to you!

  • Same to you. =)

  • karanja quinns  8 months ago

    My neighbors like this song, whether they want to or not......

  • Llandle Larry  11 days ago


  • taylor campbell  19 days ago

    If you wanna blast your shit ill play real music louder lol

  • Dr Wang Lang  4 months ago

    2019 Who's still listening??

  • Life With Me  1 months ago


  • Brandon Diaz  1 months ago


  • Charles Shaffer  8 months ago

    My girlfriend 💏💏💏💍💍💍 means more than anything to me We are getting married in couple months

  • Jesse Vasquez  16 days ago

    Wait till you have kids Bud 🙏🏼

  • Rich Dagostino  2 months ago

    Be good to her buddy, I can't stress that enough. I wish you all the best in life . Me being a man hasn't has the best luck with relationships. I make stupid mistakes and then im left full of regret and just wondering who is it going to be coming into my life next and just hoping I go far and don't mess up this time. I'm not a cheater , I'm against it, I just do and say stupid things although I mean well. I'm not a perfect man, I'm a flawed one, but I'm certainly not a bad one. Just a human who wants t...

  • Jordan Anthony  4 months ago

    My wife is the best thing to ever happen to me, She is my everything. I miss her so much I am stationed over in Korea for another 10 months. The hardest thing is I'm going to miss the birth of our first child our perfect little girl Madeline. She is the strongest women I have ever met because it is no easy task to do this by yourself but she is doing an amazing job. She is my "It" I want to give her the world and provide the best life for my family, I just wish it wasn't from so far away but ...

  • Mary Newberry  22 hours ago

    Jordan AnthonyThank you for your Service, Thank you for your Sacrifice and Thank you for our Freedom!🇺🇸God bless you and your family.❤

  • Logan Sharpe  9 days ago

    I'm crying and have chills. Thank you for your service sir. God bless you

  • Nicholas Blake  7 months ago

    This dude has the best vocals in country music period such a smooth voice reminds me of a 90s voice

  • ryan merritt  a months ago

    Nicholas Blake you’ve probably have never heard of Josh Turner