Pedestrian Question - Are You Stupid?

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 15, 2012
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    Pedestrian Question - Are You Stupid?


  • True Potato
    True Potato  4 hours ago

    The dumbest person is probably the guy with the mic, just look at the way he placed his watch

  • faith heart
    faith heart  7 hours ago

    "There are a lot of things that make you stupid, like internet and tv"
    Literally the only two means of diffusion of knowledge

  • wiki119
    wiki119  16 hours ago +1

    When your crush calls you by last name 4:35

  • A ASN
    A ASN  19 hours ago

    "Intelligent person knows that is stupid, stupid doesn't know it"

  • bob dillon
    bob dillon  20 hours ago


  • raphaeljameslee

    Damn... this made me sad

  • Del Picsla
    Del Picsla  yesterday

    Nobody’s gonna be cocky enough to admit they’re smart, even if they actually are

  • Vicky Zhang
    Vicky Zhang  2 days ago


  • MarcusT
    MarcusT  2 days ago

    So, the chick says you only live once. Would that not be a good reason to not be stupid?

  • hey escusemee
    hey escusemee  2 days ago +1

    Are you stupid?
    Me: I have social anxiety

  • Ξενοφώντας Σούλης

    Charles Leclerc: Yessssssssssss!
    Well, he really isn't. He is amazing.

  • XL
    XL  2 days ago

    Why does Michael remind me of a chubby Mr. Moseby?

  • No hay banda!
    No hay banda!  3 days ago

    Is it just me or does this say more about Kimmel and his live audience than anyone having that microphone shoved in their face?

  • Ellen Ever
    Ellen Ever  3 days ago

    "What's your major?"
    "Uhhh Kansas"

  • Nev Legend
    Nev Legend  3 days ago

    4:05 it’s the dude from MIB3

  • Cameron Rogers
    Cameron Rogers  4 days ago

    I'm watching a TV show on the internet and things so maybe I'm stupid.

  • Budz buddington
    Budz buddington  4 days ago +3

    "I make stupid decisions but its cool because you only live once".............. I almost choked on the Irony.

  • Kenda Wyatt
    Kenda Wyatt  4 days ago

    Never admit you’re stupid ijs

  • Burr Anderson
    Burr Anderson  5 days ago

    Well................Donald Trump is POTUS so the study must be right.

  • Rod Castaneda
    Rod Castaneda  5 days ago +2

    People think this is funny, but this is sad. This is the average American.