Rebuilding A Wrecked 2018 Camaro ZL1 Part 18

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 27, 2018
  • Who would've thought rebuilding a wrecked car could've been so much fun! But it comes a a cost! There has be some highs and lows during this 2018 Camaro ZL1 rebuild, but we have shared every step of the way. We are very excited to bring you guys along and learn with you. Follow along this awesome journey and see what happens next! Thanks for watching!!!-GOONZQUAD T-Shirts: A Patron: CREDITS: MUSIC:


  • Key2theUniverse
    Key2theUniverse  8 months ago +549

    There is no other channel on YouTube that does such a good job of restoring American muscle.

  • Randall Oliver
    Randall Oliver  8 months ago +15

    Great work on the cars. Whoever is doing the editing, is doing a fantastic job. Editing is a huge workload with the consistent quality that is placed on line weekly (it must take you hours and it shows). Keep up the great work you are making this look easy.

  • 2Lane Blacktop
    2Lane Blacktop  8 months ago +25

    I used to work in a GM plant that built the Camaro and I was in glass repair, just a heads up for next time, the factory uses about half the thickness of glass sealer you used and the factory is pretty generous with the amount of sealer they use. When you over apply the sealer it bleeds through the gap between the glass and the body, applied properly you should see no sealer in the gap around the glass. The Camaro has no glass trim front or rear. Great job as always keep up the great content guys !!

  • scracer24c
    scracer24c  8 months ago +64

    I’ve seen many people put glasses in and forget to roll a window down and start slamming the doors, creating pressure that can blow the seal and cause an Air/Water leak. It’s amazing to me how many people in the auto body industry don’t know to do that. Thank me later.... 💨😉

  • Joshua Crawford
    Joshua Crawford  8 months ago +11

    A 69’ Camaro would be fire 🔥👌🏼 after y’all finish the Viper of course.

  • Sean Page
    Sean Page  8 months ago +133

    Over a thousand times. That’s how many times I’ve reinstalled a rear seat. How many times have I used the seatbelt to pull the buckles through? Never until you taught me! Awesome trick!

  • Built Fresh
    Built Fresh  8 months ago +20

    Your guys channel just gets better better!! You guys inspired me, I recently got a 240sx s13 and currently building it on my channel!

  • Tasko Robev
    Tasko Robev  3 months ago

    Car p**n right there. Nice work 👌👍. Good work and continue with the good stuff 😎

  • Jack Raven
    Jack Raven  8 months ago +8

    The reason why u put the glue on the glass and not on the car is because it's easier and more practical to lay down, and with the manual gun u need to be real steady on the squeeze and speed to lay it down properly otherwise u might get leaks and shit, or u make a mess out of that bead, laying it down all shaky, and u put too much glue like u boyz did, so yea, something to consider for the future if u plan on doing more glass work and u wanna do it right, get 2 suction cups to hold the glass nice and steady and put it in flat all at once instead of one side 1st like u did. My advice, get a nice gun and some cheap glue and practice laying down some nice, straight, even beads on some old glass, u'll get it eventually :)

  • José Martínez VortexMax

    Nice vid guy keep it up love your contact 💯

  • FixBroz
    FixBroz  8 months ago +239

    Whos here since 500 subs? Cause I am!

  • Daniel :-!
    Daniel :-!  8 months ago +1

    Man, your edit skills are getting much better 👍 compared to 1 month ago. Amazing Video this time i am waiting for Part 19 😉

  • Jamie Mcintosh
    Jamie Mcintosh  8 months ago +1

    Been a subscriber for a while, like since the truck.. you guys are awesome, great videos... you 2 are such an inspiration to alot of young and old car people.. you do amazing work.. keep up the great job. And dont know if I just missed it or what, but I done remember seeing the rearview mirror...could have missed it but in case.. but again outstanding work.. keep up the great job... well mannered and very talented young men doing what they love to do and pretty good at it... Thank you for the videos... keep them coming....

  • Jayhawk Playz
    Jayhawk Playz  8 months ago +1

    Bootiful...... ;)-Love ur mustang and can't wait till the viper ta.Woo-Keep it up!

  • Adam Houser
    Adam Houser  8 months ago +20

    Man these guys are straight up putting tavarish and hoovies to shame!

  • Dugger Vaughan
    Dugger Vaughan  8 months ago +209

    Hey fellas! How's it going? I can't express how proud I am of how you two do these resto's! I am 51 years old and I have a 22 year old son that I'm EXTREMELY proud of also, he does the same type of stuff you guys do only he's more into rebuilding his engines for the Go FAST factor haha.. I happened to stumble upon your videos about mid-way through the mustang rebuild, because I'm a mustang guy (I own an '06 GT) and been following ever since. I am absolutely STOKED to see the younger kids doing this stuff, putting all your money and time into doing this rather than drugs and all the stupid assed bullshit. Kudos to both of you and also importantly, to your parents. They've done well with raising you boys. It SHOWS!

  • bmt336
    bmt336  14 days ago

    you would have regretted washing the engine bay of a 4th gen with the OptiSpark

  • AA15
    AA15  8 months ago

    Thomas-"Hiiiiii guys!"
    Another great video Goonzquad! love it

  • scracer24c
    scracer24c  8 months ago +1

    That Urethane didn’t set up before you got that glass in? Gotta squeeze that stuff out QUICKLY Fellas!! 🙄😜😂🤣

  • Joshualon Shores
    Joshualon Shores  8 months ago

    The 4 horse's is completely..
    outstanding job guys