Rebuilding A Wrecked 2017 Corvette Z06 Part 9

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 7, 2018
  • This thing absolutely roars! After sitting on the salvage auction yard for about one year, we finally brought it back to life! This 2017 Corvette Z06 sounds more aggressive than I imagined. Follow along and see what the future holds. Thanks For Watching!


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    Toby-Sound Of Goodbye-

    Joakim Karud-Longing-


    Lake Inspired- Chill Day-

    Kris Talk-Fly Away-

    Drop Outs-Let Go-


  • J R
    J R  4 days ago

    Love how the camera guy always says "we," to everything Billy does. Lol. Keep up the good work Billy. Amazing work.

  • Icy Bass
    Icy Bass  6 days ago

    Im only 12 years old and hearing my dream car is so nice

  • kevin brown
    kevin brown  11 days ago

    man that must be a good feeling to finally start the engine and have it idle... Awesome!

  • Kryptos4u
    Kryptos4u  13 days ago

    Why are you guys putting gatorade in your engine?

  • Joe Pedersen
    Joe Pedersen  13 days ago

    What you wanna do when you haven’t started the motor in a long time turn it over but not start it and let the oil get all in the piston rings and get the that cam bearings and crank bearings lubed up

  • Michael Cuff
    Michael Cuff  14 days ago

    Spray the coolant down with water thats on the ground because you dont want the cats drinking any of it. It has sugar in it and it smells and tastes sweet to them. But it will kill them.

  • Tea Time with Max
    Tea Time with Max  19 days ago

    seeing those screwdrivers just sitting and shaking on top of the engine block make me too nervous... one bad roll into the belts and it would destroy all that good work.

    MAXLEY LEE  21 days ago

    Thomas is NPC

  • Brian Wilson
    Brian Wilson  21 days ago

    These guys are good and know what they're doing! No f-bombs, drama, arguing or any of the other garbage that you see on so many of these rebuild videos. Keep it up !!!

  • Anthony McKinney
    Anthony McKinney  25 days ago

    "It smells like freedom back there"....classic! Keep up the good work!

  • Gord Thor
    Gord Thor  1 months ago

    The "goonzquad" is a little bit of a misnomer, because you guys are perfectionists. I have had plenty of piss poor jobs done by "professional" to realize that I care way more about my stuff than they typically (some really do take pride in their craft) do. The good thing is it makes you jack of all trades and it is more satisfying when you do it yourself and know that it is done right. You end up learning a ton in the process and often some of that knowledge will carry over to other fields and future projects.

  • Gord Thor
    Gord Thor  1 months ago

    At the dealership that plug would be $89.95.

  • Av8tore71
    Av8tore71  1 months ago

    With all respect the drain plug would have been the first thing to check before you installed the radiator, especially it being a used radiator. Nice video though

  • Daniel Marshall
    Daniel Marshall  1 months ago

    It smells like freedom back there...... made me smile.

  • Jack Sparrow
    Jack Sparrow  1 months ago

    Is it normal to wine like that?

  • Chris Jenkins
    Chris Jenkins  1 months ago

    George gets DDT'd by big G-Tom lol

  • chriswillcutt
    chriswillcutt  1 months ago

    Ginger body slamming Thomas. Need a slo-mo replay.

  • Manrik Genario
    Manrik Genario  1 months ago

    BR aqui iiiiiirru

  • Bruce M
    Bruce M  1 months ago

    Hey guys, found your videos the other day and I have to say I'm really impressed!!! I have been in the auto biz in every facet for about 20 years. I'll be sure to shoot you guys tips,tricks,info when applicable. I have found that parking on a incline works great for purging cooling systems.Gravity does all the work! Btw- your drain plug from your radiator is called a petcock. Can get from any parts store. I can't tell you how happy I am to see you guys Hands-On, turning wrenches, outside with your animals,living life! Instead of sitting around with screens in your face 24/7 having no common sense or sense of reality,like 75% of your generation.
    B easy guys and keep up the good work!!!!

  • James Tomlinson
    James Tomlinson  1 months ago

    Better watch your kitty's they love the smell and taste of Radiator fluid and if they lick it it could make them sick and die
    Please be careful