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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 19, 2016
  • We become good at what we practice and most of us are experts at practicing distraction. We live in a society that trains us to multi-task and jump from one thing to another in an uncontrolled way. The great panacea for a world plagued by distraction is learning and practicing the art of concentration. Living as a Hindu monk for 10 years Dandapani was trained in understanding the mind. There he learned and practiced the fine art of bringing concentration into everyday life. In this talk, Dandapani will share spiritual tools to learn to create unwavering focus in our lives and the boundless benefits that result from it.


    Dandapani is a Hindu priest, speaker on self-development and an entrepreneur.

    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx


  • leon leon
    leon leon  20 hours ago

    Ya.. good point.. but too much introduction

  • wolves and butterflies

    good at being lethargic WTF

  • Deko Chen
    Deko Chen  2 days ago

    I am distracted from going to sleep

  • Juan Nava
    Juan Nava  3 days ago

    I been distracted all my life.

  • revar rahul
    revar rahul  7 days ago

    as long as there are no attachments.......good one...

  • Umang Mittal
    Umang Mittal  7 days ago

    Okk..This is the best video a person can ever watch..hats off🎓

  • Harley Hanson
    Harley Hanson  7 days ago

    Check out Awareness unlocking the power @

  • Guru Gobind Guchhait
    Guru Gobind Guchhait  7 days ago +1

    I call them "MODERN MONK"

  • Kyle Sexton
    Kyle Sexton  7 days ago

    No one: Literally No One.

    Paramount Pictures: Challenge accepted, we will make Mission Impossible 16!

    Mr. Monk Well played, well played sr, to get a number 16.

  • Kapil Patel
    Kapil Patel  7 days ago


  • Shashwat Verma
    Shashwat Verma  7 days ago

    Indians rocking the world!!!

  • Prateek Jain
    Prateek Jain  7 days ago

    Simply amazing! 🤩🤩

  • yatra anant
    yatra anant  7 days ago

    Thank you 🙏🏽

  • debi 1111
    debi 1111  14 days ago

    Thank u so much for the valued guidance. I need this knowledge so much. Thank u swamiji🙏

  • Kaushik Saha
    Kaushik Saha  14 days ago

    when will ted himself finally show up to the talk?

  • D K
    D K  14 days ago

    Amazing talk and advice 🙏🏾

  • Tim Thackston
    Tim Thackston  14 days ago +2

    Awesome so simple yet so profound .monk on brother 😀🙏

  • Cool Videos
    Cool Videos  14 days ago +1

    We never taught how to concentrate because the system wants us to be distracted, so you will buy more, will throw away more to rebuy, will eat food from industries, will not think in no case at the consequences of your behaviors,will study and pay to be in debt for years to the system since high-schools,will recognize people who is not so in debt or submissive to the system as enemies of the society, will die for some Elite's ideal in a war you don't have started, will be more inclined to disease and illness so you could buy from big pharma,will see more specialists and doctors than friends which are all unconscious part of the in-debt system, will drive for thousands of miles and you'll never ask to yourself where this gasoline come from,will see people smoking cannabis as addicted and smoking tobacco as cool reckless ones,will buy guns for self defense because they tell you have the right to do so and not how much they gain from it, and will never learn how to meditate if not with a "new age guru" running affiliate links and his own shop/coach sessions on his infos, or worse selling the secret everyone has access just when they pay 1500$ for a course like they're doing with trascendental meditation (advertising it even in tv, guested by Ellen's channel) and that because they taught you well on how to not see the business and the frauds behind your backs. Did any bankers go to jail where they caused a world crisis? of course not, everyone has forgotten it. i HOPE MORE AND MORE PEOPLE WILL OPEN THEIR EYES AND FIGHT AGAINST THE LIES BEHIND OUR SOCIETIES!

  • Lewis Dampeer
    Lewis Dampeer  14 days ago

    Thanks you made me focus my awareness on something particular hmm imagine that thank you very much I AM learning how to focus and that has been my greatest weakness my unawareness

  • Mark D'Agostino
    Mark D'Agostino  14 days ago +1

    "Life is a manifestation of where your energy is going"