Trump Lies To, Lashes Out At George 'Little Wiseguy' Stephanopoulos

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 17, 2019
  • George Stephanopoulos got far more than thirty hours-worth of lies in his '30 Hours with President Trump' interview. #LSSC #Colbert #Monologue

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  • Rita Harris
    Rita Harris  yesterday

    Tomorrow he will be at Wildwood NJ and people are trying to get tickets. I do not get how gullible people are. They make me sick.

  • Chris
    Chris  yesterday +1

    There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that "my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge."

  • Mike Mckibbon
    Mike Mckibbon  3 days ago

    I just seen a video of Stormy Daniel's don't know what she seen in red rug man only money

  • Pia Rossi
    Pia Rossi  3 days ago

    For the rrrrrrrich.

  • Michael Quarry
    Michael Quarry  6 days ago

    Liar Liar Pants on Fire . Trump is in a different Universe.

  • Randall Stafford
    Randall Stafford  7 days ago

    The Democratic party their crowning achievement is impeaching President Trump in the House of Representatives and they'll have wasted three years and they haven't done another damn thing other than that he's not going to be convicted in the Senate, wasting taxpayer money for their own little power grab and I'll bet you money I pay way more in federal taxes than all of you chumps

  • Randall Stafford
    Randall Stafford  7 days ago

    George Stephanopoulous faithfully defended Bill Clinton years ago on his extra curricular activities that turned out to be true, all of it! George has no credibility. Keep telling yourselves he is an honest so called journalist news reporter!

  • Randall Stafford
    Randall Stafford  7 days ago

    Welcome to brainwashed liberal media desciplefest 2020! Let's face it most of you all you've heard is impeachment impeachment impeachment so all the allegations must be true according to the hack media! When you can think for yourselves instead of listening to the BS that nearly all the media has then you can sit there and get on your little soap box and pretend like you are well-informed! Trump 2020. Get used to it!

  • Aidan Margarson
    Aidan Margarson  14 days ago +1

    These arnt the poles your looking for ..

  • Wholeschooling Mama
    Wholeschooling Mama  14 days ago +1

    Why does Trump always sit like he’s wearing a full diaper?

  • PJ DeFord
    PJ DeFord  14 days ago

    This is why agent orange now only goes on Fox News now they tell him what he wants to hear.

  • Jill Heidke
    Jill Heidke  14 days ago

    He is such an unbelievable
    a!#ehole. Imagine dealing with his bulls%*t day after day. All I can think is no wonder his kids are such dropkicks having to try to live up to his rather weird standards...even though his own behaviours do not rise beyond disgusting and disturbing.

  • Robert Thompson
    Robert Thompson  21 days ago


  • Team VLCN
    Team VLCN  21 days ago

    This video may be my favourite Colbert Monologue.

  • altitude illume
    altitude illume  21 days ago


  • Bionica Herbal
    Bionica Herbal  21 days ago

    Stephen should do a monologue between the spirit of Nixon and Trump.

  • Garry Miller
    Garry Miller  21 days ago

    Trump can't handle reality. It's obvious why he's ok asking foreign governments for help

  • Dorothy i
    Dorothy i  21 days ago

    In Trumps mind anything he says he thinks it’s true. Even when he is proven to be a liar he still sticks to his lies. One sick SOB

  • MrSlanderer
    MrSlanderer  21 days ago

    I find it weird that Trump still has the reality show mindset; he thinks he can direct someone else’s film crew, and thinks that his weird “editing” style isn’t being observed, but recorded simply for his pleasure. Does he know that all of America saw the interview, as well as many foreigners and their leaders?

  • Shirley Sipho
    Shirley Sipho  28 days ago

    Steven I Love ya! You keep laughter in my life, lol👈👍😂😍