TRICK QUESTIONS!? (Smosh is Bored)

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 17, 2017

    Time for some trick questions!

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  • Koker Hernandez
    Koker Hernandez  14 days ago

    I need to make a “Noah Being A Sore-Loser For 10 Minutes Straight.” video. But I don’t have the time

  • Yaffa Grace
    Yaffa Grace  14 days ago

    2020 and i'm watching my fave duo aka anthony and noah :(

  • Andrew Shikes
    Andrew Shikes  21 days ago +2

    When courtney and lan won they had an aneurism

  • Tara Kesonsung
    Tara Kesonsung  28 days ago +1

    This is literally a video to show how smart Noah is

  • Farida Sobhi
    Farida Sobhi  1 months ago

    I’m really horny

  • Kyle Lidster
    Kyle Lidster  1 months ago

    no shayne? no watch...

  • Gabrielle S
    Gabrielle S  1 months ago

    That game is so easy it's almost insulting.

  • BagelBoy69
    BagelBoy69  1 months ago


  • Abigail Way
    Abigail Way  1 months ago

    6:03 Shayne has entered the chat

  • Alexander Van Kampen

    Courtney and Noah are really impressively fast!

  • Shaheen Bekkaoui
    Shaheen Bekkaoui  2 months ago

    Where can i buy this

  • Adam Fudge
    Adam Fudge  2 months ago

    babybel is edam cheese

  • Smosh Fan
    Smosh Fan  2 months ago

    With the last one I was screaming out going the books are back to back so the back of the third book would be up against the 2nd book instead of facing away and the back of the fist book would be on the 2nd one so it would go from the 1st book through the 2nd to the 3rd ones back already being right their so it only eats through the 2nd one. (If that makes any sense)

  • glee bee
    glee bee  2 months ago

    That game is bS

  • Joe Luis
    Joe Luis  3 months ago

    Noah should have been allowed to keep the “us” since he did not go for it right away

  • Paula Fixter
    Paula Fixter  3 months ago

    It’s E-dam cheese

  • X Grumpy Cat X
    X Grumpy Cat X  3 months ago


  • jerkypurge
    jerkypurge  3 months ago

    is this before ian hit puberty?

  • jaxosaurus
    jaxosaurus  3 months ago

    holy shit i cant believe i got the second one right lmaoo

  • Burken Productions
    Burken Productions  3 months ago +2

    16:16 It's not called Edam cheese, it's called Edamer