What your apps look like on the Galaxy Fold

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 19, 2019
  • Andrew Hoyle tries to find out how good some of the top apps look on the Fold's display. How pocketable is it?

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  • Reggie Turner
    Reggie Turner  7 days ago +1

    When will someone make a call on a phone?

  • Santosh -Pal
    Santosh -Pal  7 days ago

    Honest review mate loved it.

    But the folding test was so much biased

  • Protect&Serve Gaming

    That crease is nothing.

  • Doc Tweeter
    Doc Tweeter  14 days ago +1

    Dat dere misleading thumbnail....

  • crosswhite17
    crosswhite17  14 days ago

    Not at that price. I can get an iPhone 11, iPad mini and iPad pro, all for about the same price as the fold.

  • jerry P.
    jerry P.  14 days ago

    2k for a phone is still a rip-off.

  • Matthew Weiss
    Matthew Weiss  14 days ago +14

    I got mine yesterday, that "crease" is a non-issue. I promise.

  • sri
    sri  14 days ago

    first gen devices had some flaws here and there. later it will sort out in future gen models. samsung is ultimate in display but its not justify its price. software is a key point to handle this screen effectively. multitask also a welcome move. hope more more people usage stats got lot points. i am very eager how huawei phone should be in hands on experience.

  • Dim Kras
    Dim Kras  14 days ago

    What a dumb phone. Typing on my mate 20 x .....only 0.7" smaller and no crease and it costs $2k less

  • Nameless Person
    Nameless Person  14 days ago +1

    bye ipads, hello fold.

  • David Brody
    David Brody  14 days ago

    at 6:25 careful not to accidentally put coins into the display crease.

  • Thomas Nappo
    Thomas Nappo  14 days ago +1


  • fieldstone
    fieldstone  21 days ago

    Hail Stan

  • John Smith
    John Smith  21 days ago

    I will be afraid to own this not being water and dust resistant but it's nice

  • Jody Sayers
    Jody Sayers  21 days ago

    Good review mate, unlike the majority of other reviewers you have figured out that when we click on a review of a product, we want to see the product and not spend most of the video looking at a close up of your #%g face! So well done

  • samgzag11
    samgzag11  21 days ago +11

    I can't wait for this to be the norm for tablets. I love my iPad mini, but it's still too big to carry around.

  • spooks 2000
    spooks 2000  21 days ago +2

    It at least looks better than the ZTE axon m

    EXQUISITE ANGELS  21 days ago

    it has a 7.3 inch screen . one plus has 6.5 screen not much extra screen . they need to have at least 9 inch screen to sell at this price.

  • Samrat Laskar
    Samrat Laskar  21 days ago

    Important video

  • Don DP
    Don DP  21 days ago +4

    @6:32 its quite long but slim and it pokes out of these jeans..😆😆😆