The Logan Paul Interview.

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 27, 2018
  • Logan's impact on YouTube has been far and wide. The controversies around the suicide forest video and other negative things he's done has had an impact on yt that was felt by a lot of the creator community. I wanted to understand why he did what he did and what his true intentions were moving forward.

    this interview was recorded July 20, 2018 in New York City.


  • CaseyNeistat
    CaseyNeistat  a years ago +12817

    my intro explains why i did this interview, if you want to skip the intro --> 3:26

  • Adren
    Adren  yesterday +1

    You talked about his family last conference. This dude never changes

  • GETvSchwifty
    GETvSchwifty  yesterday

    The way Logan looks at Casey expecting approval after every answer he gives is just frightening, like he’s hoping he doesn’t see the bullshit in his words.

  • CreateSpace
    CreateSpace  yesterday

    He seems to have grown up. We're allowed to make mistakes and grow up.

  • Wizzair 001
    Wizzair 001  2 days ago

    Bets on the fact he won't vaccine his child

  • Gaming Warehouse
    Gaming Warehouse  7 days ago

    Who here is as vegan as logan pual

    XD_INEEDHEALING  7 days ago

    logan neistat and casey neistat

  • Marc Zendejas
    Marc Zendejas  7 days ago

    Never heard so much bullshit come out of one persons mouth, im sorry he wasted your time casey!

  • Perri Mitchell
    Perri Mitchell  7 days ago


  • Nick S
    Nick S  14 days ago +1

    Logan Paul needs a father; probably could have talked with Casey 1 on 1 off camera to get himself straight. Paul's off the wall and needs a break from this

  • Joshua Stainsby
    Joshua Stainsby  14 days ago

    this is outraging im so pissed! every second he is disgusting, truly disgusting, "oh I'm vegan so it explains my animal abuse" fucking team logan stop putting a script in front of him every time he's going to a public function"

  • Josh Feiny
    Josh Feiny  14 days ago

    i truly dont think this was that big of a deal

  • Osmondnewyen
    Osmondnewyen  14 days ago

    "There's a difference between being culturally insensitive to one culture.. and being insensitive to all cultures"

  • Sayem Studios
    Sayem Studios  14 days ago +7

    Who came here from the First We Feast | Hot Ones channel?!

  • Memes n Shet
    Memes n Shet  14 days ago +1

    Earth is flat guys

  • 5G (01) Baum Ryan Frank

    I'm vegan now

  • squirt0003
    squirt0003  14 days ago +1

    He made it rain on a fucking Japanese temple. And yet he's not culturally insensitive. What a piece of shit!

  • Daniel Evans
    Daniel Evans  14 days ago +1

    Young men make mistakes. We all have done dumb things that we regret. We learn from our errors and become better people. Wether you like this young man or not, it is admirable that he is not crawling into the hole of invisibility but keeping on. Wether or not he has another agenda this error will make him a better person. Like him or not, he is trying. Kudo's.....

  • Zach Neumann
    Zach Neumann  14 days ago +1

    August 2019??

  • Rhinowear
    Rhinowear  14 days ago

    Sounds like a PR stunt.