Official Clip ft. Jason Spencer | Ep.2 | Who Is America? | SHOWTIME



  • Brutus Mars  (Jul 23, 2018))

    That Chinese impersonationOh my godThis can’t be real.

  • Salad Fingers  (1 day ago))

    Go get educated, friend. This was the best Cantonese I've heard in my life.

  • Clayton Brown  (May 9, 2019))

    Trumptards are the most gullible clueless fuckheads!😂

  • who dat boy?  (Aug 23, 2018))

    " dragon...beijing .. hon kong...sushi....chopstick" .... *IM SCREAMING*

  • IndependentTitle  (2 days ago))

    +Proud Slav European it would have to be a serious amount to sacrifice a political career

  • Aakash Sunil  (May 13, 2019))

    2:41 Sacha was gonna lose it

  • Alerific  (Sep 9, 2018))

    This may sound crazy, but I don’t think the person in the burka was convinced that he was Chinese

  • Gumbo Clay  (3 days ago))

    +Evincere Red dragon? Red dragon?

  • Flux  (Apr 16, 2019))

    You do sound crazy, these are very successful methods used by Mossad - not Mossad.

  • GRASSFED CHARLIE  (Nov 7, 2018))

    “I was in the mossad for —I mean I was not in the mossad for 13 years” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • The Big Al  (Jan 3, 2019))

    We said in the mossad .. in mean no in the mossad 4:11

  • Reminds me of the "Mr. Hilter" sketch from Monty Python's Flying Circus.

  • Mishaal Al Bader  (Sep 5, 2018))

    “The N word is nuni, not this word, this word is disgusting” my knees gave out at this point.

  • Pluralizes Everythings  (May 5, 2019))

    +Comrade Hellas got it

  • Comrade Hellas  (Apr 25, 2019))

    His face was priceless

  • bettiepagebombshell  (Aug 27, 2018))

    What an embarrassment. Well at least he can hide out somewhere in rural China since he obviously speaks fluent mandarin 🙄 lol 😂

  • Muaz Qamar  (May 8, 2019))

    Rural China speaks Cantonese. Mostly

  • John Watters  (Mar 15, 2019))


  • Amanda Jennings  (Aug 25, 2018))

    “Ho Chi Minh city” 🤣

  • Gioachino Rossini  (May 6, 2019))

    Vietnam China

  • Comrade Hellas  (Apr 25, 2019))

    I am surprised he knows that

  • David Payne  (Sep 29, 2018))

    Believe it or not, this man has a wife and two daughters. He was able to pass on his genes to the next generation. Let that sink in.

  • Douglas Langley  (May 12, 2019))

    +Boom Stick 617 and resigned immediately after right? Because thats what you do after just a joke right?

  • Ronald L  (May 12, 2019))

    I mean if he has a chance with a woman so do the rest of us

  • Paperback Dreams Music  (Nov 11, 2018))

    OMFG...AMERICA HAS FINALLY TURNED INTO A GIANT SOUTH PARK EPISODE!!!"Ching dragon....hong Kong...Beijing....chopsticks... sushi...ho chi Minh City...I see red dragon... Do you speak a chireeese"IM SCREAMING

  • Killa Play  (May 13, 2019))

    My heart is palpitating from this, it was like Cartman... could of been the KFC I just ate though... yes also another south park reference but I did just eat some .

  • Jorge Picco  (May 11, 2019))

    For a foreign language I think he has a large chinese vocabulary.

  • MENN NOO  (Sep 4, 2018))

    Throw their career down the well, so our country can be free

  • Comrade Hellas  (Apr 25, 2019))

    He destroyed this man's career, hahahaha

  • Neo Sannyasin  (Feb 12, 2019))