Garage Project (Part-4) Freeing Eleanor About 75% Complete, So close !!

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  • Published on:  Friday, February 1, 2019
  • Work has been killing me with their silly hours. I took a job last week and this week and next week that has been draining me like crazy. Sometimes i cant be picky at work and gotta take my last options :( Job is a job tho right?? still getting paid. Anyways... Will try to finish up this garage progress in part 5, might need a part 6, but we are pretty much there!!! My Garage Products: F350 Products: Silverado Products: Instagram Page: email Contact:


  • FixItNick  5 months ago

    DJI Osmo Pocket Garage Products:

  • 136 тысяч  5 months ago

    С переводом на русский так лучше

  • FixItNick  5 months ago

    Хорошо что помогает

  • Derek Williams  5 months ago

    FIRST!!!!!THE GARAGE IS LOOKING GREAT. Can't WAIT TO see the build

  • FixItNick  5 months ago

    Thanks bro, it’s been a while since I built one, will need to refresh my memory a lot lol

  • Will R  5 months ago

    I agree completely! Great job!

  • Alexandr Y  5 months ago

    Моя жена постоянно пытается сделать склад из гаража, а я сопротивляюсь))

  • FixItNick  5 months ago

    Моя тоже хаха

  • garage is looking great Nick

  • FixItNick  5 months ago

    Thanks bro, feels much better now

  • Ki777UMiNATii  5 months ago

    Nice work. Garage cleanouts while in the process seem never ending man I feel your pain. Well done nonetheless. Looking forward to the build.

  • FixItNick  5 months ago

    Going through this process and getting so close to the end, makes me respect the garage much more. Moving into a clean garage and making a mess overtime was so easy, It’s hard to dig out but no excuses

  • К А В  5 months ago

    Элеонора.....С переводом хорошо придумал👍А где готовый Мустанг?

  • FixItNick  5 months ago

    Буду стараться переводить когда смогу, другой Eleonore давно продал, сильно дорогая машина чтобы для себя Держать

  • Truth X  5 months ago

    It’s coming along. Great job 👍🏼

  • FixItNick  5 months ago

    Thx bro,

  • Screamin Demon  5 months ago

    It's kind of funny you never really think you have much until you have to move it or organize it, then you start going thru it and are like whoa,,, how do I have so much stuff, then you start getting rid of stuff and you still finding out you have more stuff after everything than you thought, I think I play this game every summer

  • FixItNick  5 months ago

    Tell me about it!! Been going through all this mess and like I can sell this sell that, can use this or that... but then at some point I’m just like forget it this is stupid I’m just gonna donate stuff and throw away stuff, I don’t have time selling and wasting time for $20 here and there lol

  • А ты турбо-маньяк!?!?!?!? Любишь скорость?

  • FixItNick  5 months ago

    Da :)