Types Of People In The Theme Park

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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 10, 2019
  • Do you put your phone in the locker or carry it all the time with you in the theme park?

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    Photo courtesy of Universal Studios Japan

    Produced by:
    Lingyi @Blingyi
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    Written by:
    Lingyi Xiong @Blingyi
    Chrysan Lee @Chrysanlee
    Hannah Lee @Hannahloveleee

    Filmed and edited by:
    Jason Hau @jasonkokotan

    Thomas K @heythomask
    Lingyi @Blingyi
    Jason @jasonkokotan
    Audrey Goh @sparrowonweed
    Jai Kishan @j.jaikishan
    Benzo @thisisbenzo

    Outro Song by MMXJ - www.youtube.com/mmxjofficial

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  • Im Hungry  (Mar 10, 2019))

    0:17 those guys behind them literally ran away 😂

  • Feir  (Mar 10, 2019))

    I think they just didnt want to disturb their video haha

  • Holland 's  (Mar 10, 2019))


  • Just Less Name  (Mar 10, 2019))

    3:48 when u watch too much anime.

  • Just Less Name  (Mar 26, 2019))

    +Izuku Midoriya wait what u mean u were there ?

  • Izuku Midoriya  (Mar 26, 2019))


  • SS Style  (Mar 10, 2019))

    Sadly in universal studios Singapore there is no Harry Potter world, minion world and Simpson's world ;-;

  • Germinin Federation  (Mar 30, 2019))

    That's In Osaka, Japan 🇯🇵

  • sabshimi  (Mar 21, 2019))


  • Arun Mandi  (Mar 10, 2019))

    Never been so early Like if u are early tooEdit : omg thanks guys. I never got so many likes before You guys are the best

  • Chai Swee Fah  (Mar 26, 2019))

    Fcking first boi

  • pre_ ignite  (Mar 10, 2019))

    I thought Ling Yi was doing bird box challenge at the intro

  • Nelson Ng  (Mar 12, 2019))

    Group:hey we're going home now.Jason:No Guys I'm Not Going.

  • just someone  (Mar 30, 2019))

    Nelson Ng haha so true

  • Strong power, Thank you  (Mar 10, 2019))

    2 views and 41 likes WHATS WRONG YOUTUBE

  • Sarthak Goel  (Mar 12, 2019))

    not youtube *cough**cough**cough*

  • Lim Nicole  (Mar 10, 2019))

    Not logic. Youtube !!!

  • Dramaballerina  (Mar 10, 2019))

    MARCH HOLS ARE COMING!!!Dance schedule increases😢💃🏻

  • Love Heart  (Mar 18, 2019))

    I had dance today will have everyday till sunday

  • DoPe GaMeR  (Mar 10, 2019))


  • Ashish Sharma  (Apr 12, 2019))

    Where is chrysanI love you guysAnd anyone watching this in2O19

  • Shaina Majumder  (Mar 10, 2019))

    Soo early! 3:40 What is your favourite Japanese food? Me: Sushiiii!!!

  • Mochi Unicorn  (Apr 9, 2019))

    Poke bowl

  • Ben Forgione  (Apr 1, 2019))

    Fish ❤️🐟❤️🐟❤️🐟❤️🐟❤️🐟