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  • Published on:  Monday, July 30, 2018
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  • Pamela Guzman
    Pamela Guzman  a years ago +51

    I can't believe mini Jake Paul roasted you

  • Tyion Webb
    Tyion Webb  3 days ago +3

    And where’s the oooooo shots fired sound track man for the roasting

  • Meech Cobble
    Meech Cobble  2 months ago +53

    Tydus roasted Jake Paul!!! Lol
    Edit:Thank you guys so much I never got this many likes before

  • Tyion Webb
    Tyion Webb  3 days ago +2

    Yo tydus is a savage he straight up roasted jake by using Erika

  • its_ gacha kawaii
    its_ gacha kawaii  4 months ago +43

    Tydus and Willow are so cute and make a mini team 10!!!

  • Shannon Fuller
    Shannon Fuller  a years ago +168

    Jake:you need manners.she gonna leave
    Mini jake:ericka didn't leave you

  • Tyler Morris
    Tyler Morris  14 hours ago +1

    Bad Erica for spraying the lense

  • Ella Campbell
    Ella Campbell  3 months ago +16

    willow and tydus are so cute tighter and jake paul your asome

  • dudes NIKE
    dudes NIKE  3 months ago +10

    jake pual I think erica putted silly string in my mouth 2:04

  • lily cogill
    lily cogill  23 hours ago

    Jake: how was your date
    Also Jake: good

  • Jaiden Rizzo 2
    Jaiden Rizzo 2  a years ago +333

    Jake: Tydus she'll leave you if you don't have manners
    Tydus: Well Erika didn't leave you

  • Nolan anthony
    Nolan anthony  4 months ago +27

    Your girlfriend is so cute I love her😘😍

  • Josephpro 6
    Josephpro 6  4 hours ago

    Mini jake Paul rosted you I'm 18 I still don't have a girlfriend

  • Unexpected Nakazie
    Unexpected Nakazie  2 months ago +8

    6:53 man said he dribbled/drilled on Jane Paul 😂😂

  • Ken
    Ken  1 months ago +9

    My pup is called willow👍🏻

  • The Amazing Emhaspaws
    The Amazing Emhaspaws  a years ago +20

    Mini Erika and Erika look the same

  • Rhian Brunton
    Rhian Brunton  4 months ago +24

    My face is covered with silly string AAHHHH IT STINGS

  • Mrs Bean
    Mrs Bean  4 months ago +119

    6:51 anyone notice the saliva falling from tydus’s mouth to jakes arm

  • April Stanley
    April Stanley  1 months ago +6

    Dose tydus parents know that tydus has a girl friend?

  • Aaron ox
    Aaron ox  5 days ago +4

    Willow u are so pretty i wish u was mine gf tydus u are good at dating