My HUNTSMAN SPIDER was PREGNANT?? I thought she was just fat lol

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 8, 2018
  • Been getting requests for a Huntsman Spider update. Well, this was unexpected. I thought she was in premolt, since she was "fat" and did not want to eat. Turns out she was about to lay an eggsack, so here's an update on her guarding her treasure. Hope y'all enjoy(ed) watching this video!

    ** This video is purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.

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  • Der Jake
    Der Jake  5 months ago +5696

    My GIRLFRIEND was PREGNANT! I thought she was just fat lol
    (I thought about that when I saw the title, sorry xD)

    • rememberDay1
      rememberDay1  10 days ago

      my girlfriend gave me an std
      and here i thought we were monogamous
      i guess shes a real pig and a liar and mean
      if u wanted to screw someone else thats fine, go do that but break up with me first.
      dont continue to drag me along becaause u want my company and my money and my love when u are not loyal and disrespect me.
      if u want someone else to fk, great, well then take them and everything that comes with it, dont try to hang on to the good things i give but wouldnt give if we werent monogamous. and then still fk whoever dirty fuckers u want.
      ur lucky im a forgiving person bc a lot of guys would straight up kill you if you did this to them

    • Fatal Temper Gaming
      Fatal Temper Gaming  13 days ago

      I’m so glad this is top comment it needs to be the first comment everyone sees😂

    • lucas black
      lucas black  22 days ago

      +Herecastle thats just terrible

    • lucas black
      lucas black  22 days ago

      +Moskau why don't if your going to be an asshole join the killyourself club

    • lucas black
      lucas black  22 days ago

      +Kelpshin Shin shin wait whaaa

  • nicolae anton
    nicolae anton  15 hours ago

    What de feck is that thing?!?!!???!?

  • Michaela And Co.
    Michaela And Co.  2 days ago

    Huntsmans generally spin the silk to anchor the sac while they’re laying into it, then leave it behind to carry the sac. Thats what the webbing around it is, they also won’t eat for about 3 weeks while they have the sac, and they’ll be super agro cunts if you try to go near the sac.

  • Miskit Solo
    Miskit Solo  2 days ago

    Ew we have those everywhere here

  • Dynamite
    Dynamite  3 days ago

    When I first watched your videos I rolled my eyes and cringed at the sound of your garbage jokes. Now I keep laughing at them and I love your personality. Is this what it feels like to be gay?

  • GiggleGoblin
    GiggleGoblin  3 days ago

    Inveat in some gloves for handling their environments just in case theyre fiesty.

  • Caryney the Pooh
    Caryney the Pooh  3 days ago


  • Sincere Jones
    Sincere Jones  3 days ago

    Congratulations to her so cute

  • Marco Brouwer
    Marco Brouwer  5 days ago +1

    I absolutely hate spiders, but love to watch ur vids😊

  • jhon bix
    jhon bix  5 days ago

    I keep ants, why am i here


    did anyone hear about the huntsman spider who jumped on a old lady while she was driving in Australia 😱😭 it caused a accident 😰

  • Rade
    Rade  6 days ago

    I got bitten by a huntsman once. Hurt like an asshole...

  • Jhay Son
    Jhay Son  6 days ago

    What do you feed to this spider? i used to have one of this when i was young and i don't know what to feed her so can you tell me please?

  • Neru
    Neru  6 days ago

    Oh so that was the thing that jumped at my stomach from under my computer desk then crawled to my neck when I fell from my chair. They're called huntsman huh? More like haunts man. I'm still haunted by these thing.

  • potato cultist
    potato cultist  7 days ago

    Huntsman spiders are so cool yet so simple I just don't understand

  • Deb long
    Deb long  9 days ago

    Dude, TONGS mean anything to you? You keep this up they are going to find your dead body covered in webbing and spiders.

  • James Edwards
    James Edwards  10 days ago

    Kinda watch too see if he gets bitten all that close contact

  • Lesley Turner
    Lesley Turner  10 days ago

    I think she's trying to keep it warm

  • Stacey Buck
    Stacey Buck  11 days ago

    What if you're a huntsman spider is warming up the egg sac

  • Crissmith Jimenez
    Crissmith Jimenez  11 days ago

    my huntsman spider don't want to eat he just kill the cackroach