Racing The Rebuilt Hellcat!!!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 13, 2018
  • This is what this thing was build for! After being involved in a collision we brought this thing back to life and its running better than ever. All the hard work and dedication is finally paying off. Finally,we give this 2017 Dodge Hellcat a run at the track. Stay tuned and see how it goes! Thanks for Watching.-GOONZQUAD T-Shirts: A Patron: CREDITS: MUSIC:


  • Testsubject541
    Testsubject541  10 months ago +329

    I think Thomas needs to be the intro like if you agree

  • Shawn Burrier
    Shawn Burrier  10 months ago +222

    Maybe even try to find a wrecked dodge ram srt 10 truck, remember it had a viper engine so would be cool to see

  • isai Rodriguez
    isai Rodriguez  10 months ago +83

    There faces at 7:44 😂they look so serious but scared

  • Mandie Smith
    Mandie Smith  10 months ago +49

    I have to ask....
    I'm an Aussie mother, and my hubby & I watch you replacing/rebuilding these cars on your vids, almost habitually! Your parents must genuinely, be so proud to see their boys into something together, so constructive & "damn purdy!" We just know WE love watching you both!
    But your shirts on your site that you sell... do you not have many women wanting to buy your shirts, or do they just "make do", with grey, blues, black & white, for choice?
    I ordered one of your "Rebuild. Race. Repeat." shirts, & found that came in white only. Then when I looked at your hoodies... The colours are limited there too. Is there any chance of getting a few different colours, even if for a trial run, in the future, please?
    Believe it or not, there are some of us car women out here, who appreciate car channel owners & what they're doing... if only for the sake of being great role models! Which is exactly what I think of you both!
    Not out there looking for trouble, not be lazy waiting for life to offer you a free ride... You're out there making your own work - and wearing a smile while you do it too! WELL DONE BOYS!
    Oh, and this Hellcat is MY favourite! I'm a "Holden Girl", here in Australia (Chevy), but I have a soft spot for your Dodge. 😍❤😉👍👍
    We're into the drag weeks in Oz, in our house. Right now, we're rebuilding a basic LS & changing the interior and modifying the console/upholstery etc.
    A Rat is our next project, but that's down the track.
    But your vids keep us in the know about what's new & being put in the new vehicles of the day, so keep em coming. Best of luck lads. Peace out. ✌✌😎😎

  • TheRobman
    TheRobman  8 months ago +17

    Am I missing a video on this Hellcat? Last one before this was part 17. I didn't see the windscreen get replaced and still to be done was the alignment, airbag light and the interior detailing. Plus, they usually wrap up their rebuild series with a cost tally.

  • 393stroker
    393stroker  10 months ago +27

    Go around the wet box, you only need water for slicks. When you put street tires through the water they aren't really heating up and the fronts are just trailing water all the way reducing traction. Street tire need just a basic rolling burnout. Stay away from water!

  • Steve Johnson
    Steve Johnson  10 months ago +62

    Hey guys me again, I just wanted to add that you should have a full tank of gas when you go to drag strip. I know it's extra weight but you need the weight on the back tires. You have plenty of horsepower to compensate for the added weight.

  • Shawn Burrier
    Shawn Burrier  10 months ago +53

    Yall should rebuild a truck so yall can havea new bad ass truck. Make it unique make it goonzquad better than oem lol

  • Persi A.
    Persi A.  10 months ago +19

    How about some Thomas shirts 😂!
    Awesome videos 👍🏼

  • Jacky
    Jacky  10 months ago +54

    Anyone else instant clicked when notification popped up?

  • Offset
    Offset  10 months ago +12

    Nice to see your shirts and stuff are made in the USA instead of bloody china, 👌

  • RoNiCs
    RoNiCs  10 months ago +2

    Love the content!

  • Black Beard Dave
    Black Beard Dave  10 months ago +19

    So if your buddy has a tire shop why didnt you buy the tires from him?

  • Jace Green
    Jace Green  10 months ago

    I love the vids man keep it up and the hell cat and the camaro are my favorite cars in the world

  • Marcelino Barbosa
    Marcelino Barbosa  10 months ago

    Manda uma camisa pra mim sou novo inscrito.Peace!!!

  • chris tyree
    chris tyree  10 months ago +19

    love your channel. you need to get big boy shirts sizes 2 and 3 X.

  • Eric Gonzalez
    Eric Gonzalez  10 months ago

    Nice idea to mix vlogs and racing with normal videos.

  • BlownViper 505
    BlownViper 505  10 months ago

    Badass! All you need is some practice on the launch

  • Michael 426
    Michael 426  10 months ago

    Hellcats are easy 6 second cars you guys just need to get some drag radials, I see hellcats at my local track running 6s all the time.

  • gainful Apollo51
    gainful Apollo51  10 months ago +27

    love the car but that prep looked garbage