Keanu Reeves Reveals Cyberpunk 2077 Release Date At E3 2019

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 9, 2019
  • Keanu Reeves, on-stage, at the Xbox E3 Briefing revealing the Cyberpunk 2077 release date. He will also be featured as a character in the game. Read more:


  • Phoenix Bradshaw  18 days ago

    It's cool they dropped the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer at the Keanu Reeves convention.

  • Riski Janwar  9 days ago

    Kebolak malih

  • Phoenix Bradshaw  10 days ago

    @XXV-III Keanu loves you :)

  • CHEE- RIOS  16 days ago

    Keanu: *exists*The world: *CHEERS*

  • Fosphor  6 days ago

    @Donald Trump I read that in a Trump voice... wtf xD

  • JonyPotato  16 days ago

    You are breathtaking! You all are breathtaking![ everyone liked that ]

  • JonyPotato  15 days ago

    @Jakeちゃん Sorry my bad xD

  • DrSake  16 days ago

    Keanu is the most humble human on earth this guy can wield Mjolnir easily

  • Starbodektrek  8 days ago

    Keanu for Earth Emperor... :)

  • AntelGames  10 days ago

    The hammer will ride Keanu on his back?

  • EestiVilms  15 days ago

    Random guy: You're breathtaking!Keanu: no u

  • mr_ anheuser  6 days ago

    @grim reefer0420 Yes... Yes we have.

  • Oyekanmi Fawwaz  18 days ago

    If Keanu's character doesn't have a cyberdog, I'll be slightly infuriated

  • Catoligy  11 days ago


  • Aaron Barlow  13 days ago

    @Sara Nguyen Nice South Park reference

  • sonyviva308  16 days ago

    Me : "Cyberpunk"Everyone : ....Keanu : "CYYBERPUUNK"Everyone : YEAHHHH!!

  • Fardeen Anwar  2 days ago

    @Sion The Undead Juggernaut It's ironic that people are into games with cyberpunkish dystopian feel to it where corporations, governments control everything and monitor the masses while actually ignoring your comment that in a way reflects our reality and relatable to such games

  • Connor RK505  15 days ago

    Keanu Reeves: **sneezes**Audience: *HE HAS SPOKEN*

  • JCR2154  5 days ago


  • Nathan John  8 days ago


  • alec jo  16 days ago

    Keanu Reeves cloned himself for 2019, way too many projects for one person.

  • Tech x  11 days ago

    alec jo he sure is doing so many things and deserves it for being humble and cool.

  • Destrologando  16 days ago

    Keanu:... It's BreathtakingCrowd dude: You've activated my trap card, now you're Breathtaking

  • Destrologando  9 days ago

    "I Activate trap card 'No U', with this card i reflect my breathtakeness to you and you suffer the consequences" Im such a nerd lol

  • tenaciousjoe24  9 days ago

    *uses reverse card*