Easy Cheesy Beefy Lasagna - You Suck at Cooking (episode 89)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 30, 2019
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    How to Make This Lasagna (or "lasagna" depending on how you feel about it

    1 pound of ground beef. Brown it on medium high until it's the color brown.
    Add in:
    1 teaspoon of salt
    1 tablespoon chilli powder
    1 tablespoon cumin
    Mix that all up and add in some water if it's really dry which it probably is
    Add in 3 cups of basil tomato sauce or whatever tomato sauce
    Cook that all together until it's hot and somewhat thick

    Take a container of ricotta cheese (15oz/475ml) and shred in a clove of garlic and wangjangle tf out of that then add in a cup and a half of shredded mozzarella and also wandjangle tf out of that

    Take an 8 inch baking dish and put a thin layer of sauce on the bottom
    Oh don't forget to preheat that undoh on three seventy fundo
    Add in a layer of sauce
    Add a layer of expertly cracked noodles
    Add in a layer of sauce
    A layer of ricotta with two smug spoons
    Then more noodles, sauce, ricotta, (once or twice more depending on the thickness of your ingredient distribution and your feelings on noodles)
    Then add a thick layer of mozzarella on top. More than I did. Or use parmesan like a lot of people do.

    By the way I was totally kidding when I said you could season the beef in the boring way with an onion. Lasagna has a very rich history and classic lasagna is very delicious, although I bet you could get a lot of people fighting over what classic lasagna is, exactly.

    I just didn't feel like dicing an onion when someone had already diced the chilli powder and cumin for me.

    Oh right, cook it for 30 to 40 minutes ish. After you put that foil on top. Then take off that foil and cook it for another ten a bit higher if you want to really melt and/or slightly brown that cheese.

    Let me know what I forgot or what I wrote wrong here and then I'll fix it later maybe.


  • You Suck At Cooking
    You Suck At Cooking  4 months ago +2046

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  • BasicallyBlissy
    BasicallyBlissy  14 hours ago

    As an Italian, I can confirm that Lick The Measuring Cup is a tradition passed down for generations in our culture.

  • Big Boy Mine
    Big Boy Mine  yesterday

    "brown is the color with most flavor" thats why i cook with n- nevermind...

  • Hoàng Phạm
    Hoàng Phạm  2 days ago

    You miss something
    Also know as bitch lasagna

  • Fox
    Fox  3 days ago

    Who in the hell calls lasagna pizza? I’m in my 40’s and have never heard anything that stupid in my life unless it’s coming from a kid acing like a a chef!

  • Random Kid
    Random Kid  3 days ago

    He's the hippie of the cooking world


  • Chloe Baker
    Chloe Baker  3 days ago

    Binging with banish: the college years

  • Roni Kremer
    Roni Kremer  4 days ago

    Is it just me or is he extremely hih in literally every episode

  • Rafał Orlik
    Rafał Orlik  5 days ago

    Also known as [DATA EXPUNGED]

  • Merci
    Merci  6 days ago +1

    I see you were cooking 2 portions of hello fresh...

    are you perhaps married or fat and lonely?

  • _ xXArchieXx _
    _ xXArchieXx _  6 days ago +1

    XD worlds shitty game of jenga zxD

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    not akali  7 days ago +1

    Basically a non-aggressive howtobasic

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    gibblegobble  7 days ago +1

    this isnt the time to be a maveric

  • :::::::
    :::::::  7 days ago +4

    First recipe of yours I've tried
    First time making lasagna
    Tasted absolutely fucking delicious
    Family has completely devoured it

    thanks :)

  • Danny Devito Is Sans
    Danny Devito Is Sans  7 days ago +1

    Also known as pasta brownies😂😂😂 man this is cursed😂😂

  • bombygriz
    bombygriz  7 days ago +1

    3:43 uhhhh actually it’s ‘and with your spirit’ you uncultured swine

  • Ein Google Nutzer
    Ein Google Nutzer  7 days ago +2

    Why don't you put effort in your recipes?

  • Ryan Ruan
    Ryan Ruan  7 days ago +1

    Bitch lasagna

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    Lord of KAOS 83  7 days ago +1

    Such chaotic neutral energy

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    And olso know as Bitch Lasanga