Try Not To Touch Challenge (ft. Sid The Sloth!)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 7, 2019
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    Reactors attempt the Try Not To Touch Challenge. See how they do!

    Reactors Featured:

    Kittens Featured:
    Louis & Figaro

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    Try Not To Touch Challenge (ft. Sid The Sloth!)


    REACT  2 months ago +904

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  • Sumo BloodMoon
    Sumo BloodMoon  a months ago +2

    You see I have a phobia of worms and that is a big nope in my books.

  • Fever Dreams
    Fever Dreams  a months ago +4

    I’ve pet a sloth before, and sloths are my favorite animals, so this would be difficult for me

  • Samad zafar
    Samad zafar  a months ago

    I saw you guys film this on fbe 2

  • Mikaela Deer
    Mikaela Deer  a months ago

    Already touched worms and even fed it to a skunk and some other animals, so it would be so worth it to touch the sloth and those kittens. <3

  • jesse goes taconas
    jesse goes taconas  a months ago +2

    12:25 deserves to be on a weird noise compilation

  • Maddie McDonald
    Maddie McDonald  a months ago +4

    I flipping love Alberto and Brandon so much they are so funny

  • Mister Sprinkles
    Mister Sprinkles  a months ago +2

    Mikaela “I’m so hungry”
    Comes to a try not to touch usually with animals hungry hmmmmn🤔

  • Sparkle P8nter
    Sparkle P8nter  a months ago +4

    not a fan of cheesecake... how is that even possible, Brandon?

  • Sparkle P8nter
    Sparkle P8nter  a months ago +1

    Yeah those pillows man... I got a purple notebook like that

  • John Kirsheh
    John Kirsheh  a months ago +6

    I ⓗⓐⓥⓔ ⓐ ⓑⓐⓑⓨ ⓒⓐⓣ ⓐⓛⓡⓔⓐⓓⓨ ⓗⓐⓗⓐ

  • Amy Mifsud
    Amy Mifsud  a months ago +2

    Yay haley

  • Manuel Sandoval
    Manuel Sandoval  a months ago +4

    9:20-9:32 best part of this whole video.

  • Fallen Angel
    Fallen Angel  a months ago +5

    Honestly once i got attatched to a worm when i went fishing so it wouldnt have been too bad

  • Caila Kim
    Caila Kim  a months ago +4

    eric looks like post malone

  • Pei K
    Pei K  a months ago +36

    The winners should've gotten a chance to touch them all again!

  • Cassienxx
    Cassienxx  a months ago +9

    Tom has always been my favorite for a reason

  • VVM2019
    VVM2019  a months ago +18

    Tom isn't even trying anymore 😂

  • Ghost Tales13
    Ghost Tales13  a months ago +280

    Did anyone notice that when the sloth came Tom said “A hamster” 🐹😂🤣

  • Xx_AngelPlayz_xX Yo
    Xx_AngelPlayz_xX Yo  a months ago +333

    Did anyone notice how they named it ‘sid’ like the sloth in the ice age...